WPT Festa Main, End of Day 3
October 24, 2021


I busted Doyle Brunson today. Career highlight eh? I'll get to that in a bit.

So, I start with about 100k, in a great seat on a table that I really like. In the first level I play two pots, win them both, am chilling at about 110k when this hand happens by the end of the level. I open AxQs UTG at 1200-2400 to 6600. Both blinds call, Nicholas Sliwinski in the small and Doug Lee in the big. Flop 789 all spades we check through. Turn Ks, they both check, I check behind, fully expecting one of them to bluff the river. River pairs the board, Nick checks, Doug bets 17k, I call, and he has the ace of spades. I mean seriously, I win that pot like 90% of the time. LOL.

Things continued going bad in level 12, but I probably should have lost all of my chips in this level, but somebody with AK didn't get me in before spiking his pair on the river to win. I ended with 56k, 14 bigs, and was pretty disappointed.

Then in level 13, I shipped the button and they folded, I shipped QQ on Kasey Nam's open and he folded, and then I doubled through Kasey's 88 with AA, eventually ending the level with 158k.

Level 14 I lost almost 40% of my stack pre-flop in a really retarded spot. First hand, folds to my SB, I limp KTo, William Mietz raises, I re-raise to 55k, he ships it, and I fold. Pretty lame imo, but I hated limp folding, I hated raise folding, I hated raise shoving, I hated raise/calling, I hated giving a walk...

Anyways, I chilled around 130k for a while, then we re-drew with 54 left, money at 50. A few hands later, 52 left, I find two black kings UTG + 1, open to 20k at 3-6k/500, David Chiu makes it 70k, I ship, and hold over his AxKd on the Jdxdx, xd board, dodging all 12 outs on the river. I probably woulda quit online poker for about six weeks if that got there.

We hold, make a set vs. Michael DeMichele but he had nothing, and end level 14 with 366k.

One bit of Bellagio nonsense happened on the bubble that I have no clue how is going to be resolved. With 52 left, two players bust on the same hand. Daniel Negreanu and Ted Lawson maybe? Anyways, after the two of them bust, they tell every table to hold up until all the hands are done. They announce over the loudspeaker, "You're all in the money." There's a hand at my table and the one next to us, and on the other one Jennifer Tilley busts. They say that all three players are going to chop 50th place. Now, wtf imo, they were not hand for hand. They were not redrawing at 50. They announced over the PA that everybody's in the money. But, since Tilley busted on the "same hand", they said that the prize should be chopped. BS IMO. We were not hand for hand. There is no such thing as "same hand" when you're not playing hand for hand. OK, so they were watching the hands, but that's like watching the cards hit the muck and then getting them out. I make those points and then shut up about it, figuring between those three somebody will hear about something and things will get resolved LOL.

Anyways, start level 15, and early into it I bust Doyle. He opens UTG+1, I find a couple of queens in the hijack and say, "How much ya got Doyle?" He has about 200k and had opened to 22k at 4k-8k/1k. I just call since there's some squeeze suspects behind me, and they all turbo muck. Poker TV

Flop 9d3d2h, and Doyle bets 100k, I instantly ship, he instantly calls, and I hold over his 9h8h. Cool.

After that I re-raise ZJ with JJ, fold to Nam Le's push from the blinds getting 1.8-1 and he shows me KK. We re-draw at 36, DeMichele with about 200k opens, I flat 88, Matt Stout pushes 120k in the blind, Michael re-pushes, and I reluctantly fold (was snapping Matt, was def calling TT+, prob 99). They have AJ and AQ and make no pair, and I end the day with 485k, 15/34 remaining, and 2k below average. I'm going to be in the top 5 of the 18 I think we play to today.

Peace and good luck,


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