WPT Festa Main, My End of Day 4
October 24, 2021

Meh. Things just didn't go my way today.

Sat down at the certain death table, with 9/9 being professional players. Brad Booth wins quote of the day with this one before the cards go in the air. "So, what do you all do for work?" LOL.

I opened the only two pots I played, lost em both, and dropped to 360k at the end of 16.

Level 17 was nothing interesting either, I basically grinded my short stack, squeezing a good spot, restealing other spots, and then when we busted the 19th player, the floor said, "Hold up..." We had riffled like 3 seconds (literally) before, and I'm in the SB. Proper. Elky opens UTG (which is like top 40%), Mike Mietz re-raises next to go (which also can be anything and is def calling me with worse), and I find JJ, jam 350k, and run into Mike's QQ. GG me 18th place. Sigh. Poker News

Caesars 10k starts Tuesday I believe. See y'all soon.

Peace and good luck,


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