The Tahoe Trip; Keller and Sunday, ****ing Sunday, Day 3.
November 10, 2021

After I left you last time we walked out the front door of the Cal Neva destined for the Crystal Bay Club to see Keller Williams, who happened to be sold out. However, we were armed with all the items necessary to bribe favors/tickets out of hippies and the gusto to get in.

As soon as we got over there we walked into the venue, which is really on the casino floor, and they were doing a sound check. Lou, who told us to come see him later, couldn't talk and seemed frustrated, and we got kicked out while we were waiting for him. No worries, I have a pocket full of $100's, I'm getting in this show and it probably won't take more than $100 a ticket. We park in the other bar/lounge area, watch the USC/Cal game (take that Seebs, Steve, and Paul for having the same fight song), and somewhere in the 4th quarter I pop out of my chair like I was sitting on a spring.

I walk up to the doorman (for about the 4th time) and give this speech. "Hey man, I drove up here from Vegas just for this show, I really really really want to get in. I'll tip you $100 if you can help me out." His buddy looks at him, he looks at his buddy, they kind of shrug their shoulders. He looks around, looks at me, and says, "Meet me in the bathroom by the arcade in 5 minutes. No, make it 2 minutes."

"Sweet! Thanks man!"

There was too many people in the bathroom, so he takes me into some back hallway through one of those doors in the wall, I ship him $100, and *poof*, we're on the guest list, what do you want for your other two wishes?

This is good for one of em. We're literally leaning on the stage. Like, two feet from Keller. We spend the beginning of the show there until we have to pee, leave, and obv can't make it back that close. We do spend the rest of the show about 6 rows back, and it was kinda better there anyways since the vocal levels were much clearer with the house input.

At the last Keller show, I ran into this guy named Tom. Shelley (ie Sarah Palin) knew the guy from something or another. About two weeks after that, Shelley and I were going through old pics, I was showing her pics from Vegoose 07, and she got a kick out of this one, because it's Tom on the left.

In the last song before intermission, Tom brushes past me. North Lake Tahoe. LOL. We got a kick out of that, and then I didn't run into him for the rest of the show.

Anyways, sickest show I've seen this year for sure. Just mind blowing. The venue was amazing, the band behind Keller was seamless and into their music. Words really can't describe how awesome of a time we had.


After the show Jon made a prediction that we would both make money tomorrow. I mean, how could we not? We have 180 degree views of the prettiest place on the planet from the top floor here. This is where I spent 9 hours yesterday:

So at 7pm I had 12 tables going. I was killing it too. At the same time Jon was chip leader of the 150 rebuy on FTP playing for $70k+ with like 12 left. I was in everything still basically with a lot of opportunities. Jon got screwed, getting it in with AK v AJ (AJ made a horrendous call too) and the board ran out 789, A, T. For the chip lead. $5500 cash. Seriously was like $30k in equity in that pot. Online Poker

So, Jon goes on monkey tilt and almost threw his laptop off the balcony. If it was me I probably would have since I have the Best Buy Protection Plan, and literally won a $100 bet off Dutch calling the Best Buy customer service hotline, saying the words "I threw my laptop off a balcony and it's now in a bunch of pieces," and winning the bet by them saying bring it in and they'll fix it.

Since I don't feel like talking about


, long story short I win my PCA seat ($13k package) so I'm going to the Bahamas in January, 10th in Omaha (I was CL from 45 to 18 ish, and then couldn't win a hand. Twice I have the best hand, improve to broadway in scoop spots, and twice my improvement to broadway gives them a boat. I busted 20 off the money in the FTOPS, cashed like 400th in the million, cashed in the $50/80k, and think that's it? Anyways, best Sunday I've had since February, so I'm not complaining, plus, I'm in Tahoe. And then I won a dime in cash games when we got back from drinking in this sleeping town.

Gonna do something today for Monday Funday, not sure what, but I sure feel good sitting here in my jammies, drinking coffee, and just taking in the tranquility of this place. Galactic concert tonight in the same venue, then off to South Lake tomorrow, or home, or something. Not sure. Heard about a reggae show on Wednesday night I'm interested in, so we'll see.

Peace and good luck,


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