End of the Tahoe Trip, WSOP Main Final Table
November 12, 2021

After writing the last blog, Jon and I headed out for adventures in Lake Tahoe. We left the Cal-Neva, wandered across the California state line for the first time in the trip, and ended up shortly down the road at King's Beach. We had lunch at Jason's, went to the gas station across the street, bought an 18 pack of Bud Light, and went to the beach. I chilled and jammed for a while, and we were leaving within 90 minutes cause it was in the 40's, and where I come from that's f'n cold.

We then headed over to Oak's place in Tahoe City and chilled at his cabin. Dig that guy - good people. When he started his evening session we left, went back to the room and did our own chilling, and then headed off to catch the Monday night game and get lubed up for the evening's concert.

The dining options in town sucked, so we hopped in a cab and said, "Take us somewhere tasty."

We ended up at this italian joint called Lanza's I believe? It was an awesome place down in King's Beach. At dinner I realized that I have a lust for variance in life. I commonly complain about the swings in poker, but I think I would get bored without variance. I do things like this all the time. Surprise me. Etc.

So at dinner I ordered a "pasta featuring italian sausage." I tell her that I like everything else, and just to have the chef prepare what he recommends/wants to prepare. I end up getting angel hair pasta, meat sauce, italian sausage, and the biggest pile of while mushrooms piled on top of this pasta that I've ever seen.

I'm sure my mother is chuckling right about now.

I hate mushrooms. Right up there wi

th raw onions, liver, and the dentist. I pushed them to the side and got stuffed on some amazing pasta, but I sure got a kick out of the whole adventure.

We took the cab back, and then took in the Crown City Rockers and Galactic. It was a fun show, nothing special, and we had a good time. Went back to the room and made another dime online (I've learned a trick in PLO... get AAxx, get somebody to put it in with 3456 or KQJ9, and hold for absurdly big pots).

The next morning we woke up around noon and drove back down to Vegas, catching up on Poker Radio shows the whole way. If you don't listen to the show, definitely subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. It will ship to your iPod every time you update and it truly is a great show.

We went straight to Madsen's place where a bunch of us were meeting to watch the Main Event final table.

Dennis Phillips hired Roy Winston to be his coach. Many were surprised by this decision. Roy plays, err, well, different.

First hand shown... Dennis limps UTG with AKo, Ivan raises with AQs, Dennis re-raises, Ivan re-raises to about 25% effective stacks, Dennis calls, flop JT8, Dennis looks like he hates life, bets 4.5m into about 15m, Ivan ships, Dennis folds.

One of the worst hands I've ever seen played personally.

"Dennis should sue his coaches for malpractice!" Nice, Norman.

The trainwreck continued until Dennis had dropped from 27m to 6m, and then he somehow picked up QQ v JJ to double and eventually find himself finishing third.

I was really impressed with both Demidov and Eastgate, and am glad that they got heads up. They played the best imo.

I also think the 4 month delay was a huge success. The energy was amazing, I heard the ratings were the highest they've had in years, and I they did a good job with production. I liked the preview show. Only complaints are not showing Kelly Kim's bustout hand, I mean, who cares if it was a boring hand, it's the main event. They could have done a lot more with the thing too, like shown more poker rather than twenty key hands. They had 20 hours of play. There's plenty of people that want to see every pitch in the baseball World Series, not just the highlight video, and I think there is enough audience in online poker to make it a longer show, much longer than the two hours it ended up being. 5 1 or 2 hour episodes over a week perhaps? I dunno. Anyways, I bet they do this again next year, and I can see them moving in a direction to do more things like this in the future.

OK... off to donkaments. Big 300r in the FTOPS tonight... badbeatninja FTW.

Peace and good luck,


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