Vancoover days 2-4, Sundays, $500 Mixed Hold'em, $1k NLHE
November 19, 2021

I texted this last night at 1:27am left coast time:

"i dunno. im drunk in a foreidn country a9promisw i enforced max spell check also im durnk and font want you fucking or fucking 2i5h score and that is all duck u"


I mean, seriously. Drinking and texting is a bad bad thing. Usually pretty funny though. I learned some things this morning lol.

The condition that my condition was in last night was the product of many wonderful things that happened up until that point. It all started when I busted from the $1k. This was a disappointing fact though because I had like 67k while we were playing 150-300 and then stopped winning chips when the ante's came into play. The big hand was vs the "tightest player on the table." He wasn't really, his name was Sebastian, and I liked him. But I was also shitting on his blind. I had raised it four orbits in a row coming into this hand. The first two times was with nothing, the third I had aces and showed, the fourth I had tens and showed, and all four times everybody folded. I was running over the table. I had about 57k and he had about 30k, blinds 300-600/50 I think, I opened to 1425 with KK, folded to him, and he got that look in his eyes. It's really really really hard to describe, but it's that look of somebody snapping after you being active. He thought I was picking on him. I was to start. But he's smart and I knew I couldn't get away with it more than a few times. It took to the 5th time, but as he put the chips in pre-flop, I knew exactly how the action was going to go down. He was going to check/call the flop and check/shove the turn, so I did my best to make my line look FOS. I bet like 1775 or some silly bet like that and then one of each chip on the turn, snapped his shove, and he turned over the five and the seven with two different flush draws. The problem was that the board came 554, 8. From there nothing went right, the 40 min levels made stacks short quick (average was about 23 bigs by the end of the 6th hour), and I re-stole and lost a flip.

Had fun though, really enjoy playing here. Went upstairs, into Gavin's room, and a game of gin broke out. I was up like $400 net from the whipping I put on him the day before (erasing the disaster on the plane ride up). Well, then Jody Trainer busted, he came up, and after that pretty much everybody (meaning like six dudes obviously... but many of Canada's finest :) showed up into the room. Gavin and I were finally able to hustle up a game of hearts, Gav, me, Jody, and Colin, played for a dollar a point, and your's truly shot the moon twice to finish at -2, ship the double payment. Gavin and I had $10/point side action too :).

We all go to the bar, I order 11 surfer's on acid, turns out there's 10 of us but one doesn't drink, so Colin and I take the others also.

Oh by the way everything in Canada is stronger.

As evidenced by my text three hours later :).

I sent that text from this club called the Roxy. It was my idea of a perfect bar. It reminded me a lot of Primetime in Minnesota, but on a much smaller scale. They had a live cover band that was really good. Somehow Gavin proposed that I sing/play on stage with the band, and I'm like sure whatever, and on break he said that he tipped the guy $100 and was going to get me on stage to sing, but if I want to play guitar I'm gonna have to tip him another $100. LOL. It never happened turns out, but I was pretty excited to sing, and I'm pretty sure I avoided a train wreck after realizing this morning what a train wreck i was last night :).

So that Tuesday. I was going to write a blog Tuesday but I never made it back to my room because of everything I just told you. Yesterday I was going to tell you about the cash game train wreck on Monday and the one outer on Sunday. Not too much to talk about on Monday, I busted early from the tourney and was fine with it, then lost $4500 in a 10-25 (usually 50 straddle) PLO game. The big losing hand for me was AsAhJhXx at 10-25. Some people limp, another makes it $100, I make it $500 (pot) from the SB, and four players call LOL. $2500+change in there, I ship the Kx9s8s flop, get called by AKQs5s and get turned dead by the seven of spades. Poker News

Sunday though, hmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. Good wiggle toe feelings.

Long story short, we get $3500 each in on the flop of T95 rainbow. I have AT55 with I believe a backdoor frush draw. It was a straddled pot so the money got in quick, and since I have two of his six possible sets blocked with my ten, I like my chances vs. whatever he's showing up with there. He's getting it in with T9 also, of which there are six different combinations of fwiw.

Anyways, he has both the other tens in the deck, which is a good thing cause he couldn't make quads on the turn, because he needed them to beat my quads on the river.

Ship the $7400 pot :). I run so hot in this country.

I only played six tourneys online Sunday starting with the Sunday 500 at 2:30. FTOPS main, 2nd chance, Mulligan, 100r, and Stars 200 HORSE. I didn't bust out of anything until 6:30pm. I ended up only min-cashing the FTOPS and like 100th in the 500, so had a small loser on the day. I'm going to go play my guitar down by the river.

Oh yeah and I'm really glad that I didn't bring rice into China this time. TY.

Peace and good luck,


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