Vancoover Day Five, Main Event and Downtown Adventures
November 21, 2021

I started the main event of the British Columbia Poker Championships pretty excited to play in this thing. Really thought I was going to do well.

I didn't make the first break.

Three hands really that I can talk about. After folding for about 30 minutes, I finally find AQo red UTG+1. Raise to 150 at 25-50 with 15k starting stacks and they're all about the same, get called in 3 spots. Flop A54, I bet 375, BB calls. Turn A, I bet 975, BB calls, river T, he checks (good sign), Ibet2500pleasepleasepleasedon'tcheck-raise, cause if he did I was prob folding, but he calls and MHIG.

Good start. About 45 minutes later I play another big hand. In the meanwhile I've been playing a lot of pots but not showing anything really, but my reputation is still getting respect but I'm definitely under suspicion by now.

So, at 50-100 he limps the cutoff, I've seen him do this twice before but never saw it at showdown. I find two aces in the small blind, say "four twenty" and throw out four blacks and one green chip, the BB laughs and calls, and the cutoff calls. Flop AJx, I bet 625, BB folds, cutoff calls, turn K, I think for a good while, because I'm really trying to figure out the best way to get it in here and what my plan is etc, so with one 5k chip I say "seventeen hundred". He makes it 6k, I snap ship, he snap calls, and his QT holds. Sigh.

But, this leaves me with 5k still, fifty big blinds. Next hand it goes raise to 300, call, call, call, and I decide shoving is really spewey with 55 esp with my image now, so I call to set mine, and *ding!*. 753, two to a suit, and they all check to me. How's that happen seriously? So I bet, bb calls, the rest fold. BB almost check-raised the flop (I could see it in his eyes.. seriously. And he confirmed me for that later by saying without prodding "I almost check-raised the flop too." So i chip up to 6k, but just can't help myself when I fid a pair of nines later. I open, two callers, and the big blind, the only person younger than me also happened to be the most aggro, he makes it 1350 and I just stick it in. Pretty spewey by me and I think I could have done a better job of grinding that short stack.

The good news though, was that the PLO game started quick. I got a seat locked up and was ready to fire.

I need to buy Canadian $ if any of y'all have them.

Anyways, lost $5k ish in that game. Mind you this game is really really all over the place and I'm short stacking it just for that reason. First hand I'm up like $400 so at 2900, we're playing 10-25-50 PLO, opens were to $200 usually. So like 7 players limp, I find the KK89 in my straddle with spades, jack it up $400 more, UTG calls, MP1 calls, folds to the button who ships it, I ship, and we're all-in 4 ways. Board runs out 335s8sTs or something like that. Nobody shows anything. For long enough that boats/nut flushes should have been shown due to excitement. So I kinda get excited, pull out my K9spades, and just as mine hit the felt the button produces the A4 of spades. Arrgh. he also happened to have AA, not sure how that's possible cause he only had $2400 in front of him, and he knew that I was itching to get it in, but he was one of two other white guys at the table so I'm not sure how they think when it comes to gambooooooool. Poker Radio

So next hand I complete my big blind same situation. I have AK63 with red suits nut diamond, it comes 3x3x2d, I bet pot, straddle and one of the villains from last hand pots, we're both basically all-in, and he has 22xx. I'm a little behind but do have 10 outs twice so it's a fair sweat, but FFS he turns quads and I even catch my king on the river. At least I didn't catch my king on the turn.

I played a couple more big silly ones where I got it in with AAc9cX and held and another where I got it in with KKs52s on a Qs5s4 vs. a Q568.

After busting from the main event and before that PLO trainwreck, I spent like an hour researching live music in Vancouver. I bet they never saw this coming:

We ended up there after I had decided to go to Pat's Pub to see some local band. ComptonMasta and I were both busto early so left the River Rock at 8:45, and by the time we explain to the cabbie where we want to go he asks us, "Is this some sort of joke?" Turns out the neighborhood I wanted to go to was crack-head central. Turns out he was right LOL. So we aborted and had him drop us off on some corner downtown so we could start our adventure.

That adventure started well when I won yet another taxi-cab meter race. I have not paid for a single piece of transportation yet this trip. If you don't know the taxicab meter race game, it has to be the best way to settle who pays. You break up the fare into equal sections. If there's four in the cab, you have high, low, mid-high or mid-low, and if the fare's $24.35 then the guy who has mid-lows pays, cause he has anything from $xx.26-50. Makes for great sweats that's for sure.

OH NO! I've just been informed of tragic news. Compton's in the room with me, I asked if he lost the cab fare on the way back, and he told me that I did! Man I did run bad last night. I lost the flip for dinner, the rock-paper-scissors for cover charge. Man.

So, across the street from where we got dropped off is a place called "The Cellar" and has a sign that says "Live Music Wednesdays and Thursdays." We're in. We check it out, and really dig the place actually. We text eveybody, they come, after they finish playing, and we had a great time. Amazing time.

First beer, Compton's slow.

Some drunk dude that we were LOL'n at.

Drunk dude passed out. It's 11pm.

What's up with the wheelchair theme in Vancouver?

This reminds me. Gavin and I were told that the wheelchair races from May made it into the security reports. This was told to us by the manager of the entire place and how he was cracking up that morning in his office reading the reports. I used to get in trouble in Jr. High school for doing this shit. Now they give me free executive suites for a week and invite us to come back.

So we close the place down, and there's this dude playing acoustic guitar right outside the door. The crowd that spills out the door sticks around. It just kind of happens. A street party breaks out. Right on the corner of Nelson and Granville. People were dancing, singing, smiling, and just truly stoked to be alive at that moment. This dude jammed, I gave him a brownie and a banana, and I was almost left on the street corner but Compton talked me into going back with everybody (obviously was hustling me since I ended up paying).

6 max shootout today, then probably some more lighting of fire to brownies.

Peace and good luck,


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