2008 WSOP Day 6: Day 2 Omaha 8
June 5, 2021

Omaha should be nuked.

This in no way infers that Devo would like to see a nuclear weapon detonated over Omaha but rather that the game of Omaha is right up there with Razz when it is especially cruel.

You really do feel like you were hit by a mack truck when you get especially tortured in a tournament. "Especially tortured" in my opinion is having a zillion chips + high expectations and either bubbling or taking some super dirty suck out for a huge pot.

Omaha has a nature of doing it dirty and I got muddy yesterday. From 5th/214 at start of the day to somewhere around 100th with money at 81. Now, I've been the producer of many an epic train wrecks, but I played nitty yesterday. I had to - they didn't fold! But, when your AA35 and AA57 three-bets pre and gets scooped by 2346 and QT87 it's tough to do well in a tournament that they don't fold in. Poker Videos

The purveyor of my torturing is the current chip leader at the final table. Good luck to my friends Scott Clements and Greg Jennings. I have 2% of Scott so I somewhat showed up at back to back final tables :).

Well, since I love Omaha so much I decided that I'll play some more today. I'm playing the $2500 Omaha 8/Stud 8 event today. I'm curious to see how the level of play adjusts if at all for this one.

Peace and good luck,



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