End of Bellagio Five Diamond, Off to San Diego
December 21, 2021

Last night I found myself sitting on a bicycle riding downhill toward Garnet street on my way to meet friends on a "Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl."  These were all the details I knew.  They went shopping earlier in the day for gear and had left me a sweater.  Not only was it hands down the ugliest article of clothing I have ever worn, it was also subtly amazing.  There was this old hairy man head stuck to the sweater with a miniature pick.  Little yellow thing.  Ugly as all hell. 

Anyways, not only was it ugly, it wasn't even warm.  I was freezing as I was rolling downhill toward the bar, jingling my bike bell at the drunk people on the sidewalk making fun of my sweater.  At that point I realize that they could be getting me.  If they were, they were doing it perfectly.  In fact, it's so brilliant that I'm going to have to do it to somebody.  Alas they were not getting me, and this is right after a shot of jack, a sip of bud light, and a shot of jack, queue pic. 

Turns out though that chicks dig ugly Christmas sweaters.  Shelley was like, "You're going to an ugly Christmas sweater party without me??"  While ordering another bud light, I was, er, I dunno.  What do you call it when beautiful women want to talk to you only because of an ugly ass sweater?  And wtf btw.  I talk to more hot chicks in a short period of a time than ANY OTHER TIME AT A BAR this year due to this f'n sweater.  Note to self:  F fashion, dress ugly to meet hot chicks. 


The one on my right in the above pic is the one that started it all.  Something like oh my god how much for your sweater to which I responded "One dollar."  It was sold, however I wasn't going to be allowed to get out of the thing that easy.  I guess ugly Christmas sweater parties are the in thing this year and this thing was in demand.  Poker Radio
Anyways.  So I'm in San Diego.  PB.  Last week was started with the $15k five diamond main event, that went horribly, making it to day two with 15,800 (we started with 45k), and then on the 2nd hand in my big blind playing 400-800/100 the cutoff opened to 2300, I found 98ss and shipped, and the damn nut nine high didn't hold over his kings.  That afternoon I don't think I did a single productive thing, however I did finish the solo campaign in End War (sick game.  RTS with voice command, a first ever for gaming and just as cool as nerdy imo).  I also got into NHL 09, probably the sickest sports game I have ever played, and the first time since 2005 that I've gotten into a sports game.  The rest of the week was filled with taking care of things, and I got everything done yesterday at 2pm and drove south.

Wednesday was pretty crazy.  I was at the lake in the morning and had to drive back the north route because Railroad Pass was closed due to snow.  Snow?  Yeah, it snowed again here in Vegas.  Best one since 1979 though, and there's still snow in my backyard.  We got 6".  The craziest moment was when I was driving in 4wd past the boat and motorcycle with christmas lights on them (on one of the side streets by my house a house put up Christmas lights and did the boat.  About three or four days later their neighbor put up lights, moved a motorcycle to the front yard, and put lights on it.  <3 rednecks.  As I was driving past this, watching the kids build snowmen between the boat and bike, I was passed by a snowmobile on my left. 

I live in Las Vegas valley and I was passed by a snowmobile at 6pm Wednesday evening while driving down the street.  LOL. 

OK that's all.. I'm probably not going to be playing many tournies as I'm going to be taking a bunch of time off in the next few weeks, but am super stoked for the bahamas and am leaving on the third.  Talk atcha later :).

Peace and good luck,


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