Christmas and Wine Country
December 31, 2021

This morning I woke up a bit groggy after developing a fever, stuffy nose and brutal cough Monday afternoon. Jared came over at 10:30 am, and while chatting in the driveway I talked him into going to the market to get half a gallon of milk and some make stuffy noses go away medicine.  I was wearing tan slippers, blue pajamas with white bucks on them, and a brown fuzzy hoodie.  For Christmas I bought my Yaki tribe American Indian roommate a fiberglass recurve bow with some arrows and a bag for goofing off in the backyard.  It's been a big hit, tons of fun for everybody, and we were chatting about that.  That got us talking about this dude named Lenny that I met at the lake who is a bowhunter and how I wanted to get into it.  I was trying to talk Jared in to getting into it with me, and after his speech of, "Give me $3 so I can afford a burrito at El Pollo Loco" and said burrito, I talked him into going to the Sportsman's Warehouse with me to look at them, and then talked him into buying a bow with me.

Yes, one half mile trip to the supermarket led to Jared and I walking back into the house almost five hours later with two compound bows and all the toys to go along with them.  Boy these things are fun too :).  Im stoked to get two of us into it so now I have a hunting buddy right here in Nevada rather than on the other side of the country in Washington. 

Christmas time is awesome.  You get awesome stuff, your buddies get awesome stuff, and while buying awesome stuff for your buddies you inevitably buy awesome stuff for yourself.

Soooo, anyways - Christmas was awesome.  Had a good time in San Diego as usual, picked up Shelley Tuesday afternoon, drove her to her Mom's house, and was home the night of the 23rd.  Finished shopping on the 24th, had a good dinner with Grandpa and Grandma, and that's getting tough since my grandpa is getting pretty old.  He's 84 and thought he was 82. Poker Radio

Christmas day was great, spent the morning with my fam, went and picked up Shelley, and then we all went to fam's place in Orange County.  Love love love love love them!  The gift exchange went great, basically everybody contributes a $20ish present and we exchange them white elephant style.  Everybody got what they wanted!

Mi mum

Friday afternoon Shelley launched an adventure to, well, somewhere.  We just knew that we had our first weekend off together.  We were thinking of going to Kernville to chill and to pick up the rafts for some trips around here this summer.  Instead of the snow, since the day was so beautiful we decided to go to Santa Barbara, with a loose plan of wine tasting.

We walked into the first place around 3:30 pm, Summerland winery.  A few years ago Maria Ho and I had a bottle of their Pinot Noir and it was almost lifechanging.  Needless to say my favorite bottle ever.  I found six of them at a Ralphs this summer, drank them within a week, and have never seen them other wise.

About 5:30 pm we walked out with 30 bottles of wine and a membership to the wine club :).

Turned out to be an awesome weekend, we did some tasting up near Solvang in the Santa Ynez valley.  Only wish we had more time.  Gavin and I's bet kinda threw a little bit of a wrench in the system and I was forced to use the "dump wine here" bucket for the first time in my life, but I'm still good with just a few days more to go to ship what is now a $500 bet. 

Been playing a bunch online lately, super happy with my play but only disappointing results to show for it.  Been running poorly in the cash games as well lately, but nothing too bad.  Just a couple thousand or so. 

Off to the PCA on Saturday, super stoked for that, then Biloxi on the 13th, and LAPC in February. 

Peace and good luck,


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