PCA Days 1-2
January 6, 2022

I busted out of the PCA at the end of the third level today. 

But first I want to tell you about last night. 

Last night, Cantu, Madsen, Matt Woodward (former member of the Dreamclown group that played Daniel heads up back in the day), and myself played Three by Four in the back room of an illegal strip club.  This all started after the Poker Stars welcome party.  Free booze at a place where Bud Lights are seven bucks.  Shelley and I were double fisting red wine in 16 oz cups.  Both were about a quarter full.  We even double toasted.  We finally find people we know after about seven minutes and walking around two thirds of the party.  I make fun of us for double fisting the wine, Jon Augiar chuckles and grins, and after about five seconds Isaac Haxton says, "I bet you could fit both glasses into one glass." Poker News

OMG we're retarded.  He literally gave us the cups a quarter full.  Jon's like, "Heh, I didn't notice either." 

After the party broke up, Cantu and Madsen said that they're taking a cab downtown.  I said I'll go if we can be back by two, they said good idea, and we were off.  Spent some amount of time in this club that we could drink as much as we wanted to for $10 called the Liquid Lounge.  We then went to what I thought was another bar.  Turns out it's a local strip club.  Local dancers (not hot), local patrons, and I honestly can't picture another white person in the place besides the six of us. 


It was the most fun I have ever had playing online poker. We only got to play a dozen hands or so because my (female) friend was puking in the trash can inside the Men's bathroom, plus we needed to be home by two to fulfill our promise of making sure we get enough sleep. 

It was the four of us and three of four locals.  $2 ante, action starts left of the dealer (no button, deal passes), you get three cards, may use 1-3 of them, and can fold or open the action, $2 minimum no limit.  $50 minimum buy-in, they called it "stock", and we didn't use chips.  We all just had piles of cash in front of us.  Our US dollars, their Bahamanian dollars (on par and completely intermingled on the island).  There was a "Boss Man" who took a rake and sat there.  Who knows what other purposes he served, but he sure watched me closely when we were shuffling.  I discovered that "he's the Boss Man" by calling out a misdeal.  I think it was like seven hands in and I noticed that he had a stock of cash and didn't get dealt cards.  "He not get cads mon, he is de Boss Man mon."

It was fun.  I can't remember much in the details, but I did get in a big pot with Madsen and lost with AAX.  He sucked out on me in some fashion I'm sure.  I did win a hand pre-flop when I shipped QJT and Woodward folded..  kings I think?  So much fun.

And, after the drunken cab ride home, I got to jump on Court "The Hick" Harrington while he was sleeping in bed.  I enjoyed that. 

So, yeah, today was unfortunate.  I grinded my 20k stack up to 25k on a very soft table and got in a bunch of unfortunate spots.  First ding came at 50-100, level 1, when I opened on the button to 300 w/K7 clubs.  Called by a woman named Megan who went deep in the BCPC in the big blind.  Flop KQ3r, she checks, I bet 275, she calls.  Turn a ten, she check/calls 550, river a trey, she checks, I bet 1275, and she makes it 3k quickly. 


I end up folding, just assuming that even though it's such a narrow range (she basically has to have AJ, J9, or TT here, hell maybe even QQ or KK).  She's folding a trey on the turn.  About 30 minutes later, she opens UTG+1 to 300, I call from the small blind with JJ, heads-up to the flop of A94cc, quick check/check, turn a 6, I check, she weakly bets 400, I call instantly, river a 5 I check, she thinks, I'm calling any bet, she thinks, now I'm hoping she bets, and she says, "OK I check it."

Why'd she say 'it'?

I still turn over my jacks as if they're the nuts cause they're supposed to be right now, and she rolls over AA.  Top set.  LOL.  She was afraid of my straight.  The flush didn't get there.  Check.  I felt much better about my river fold after that hand. 

So, anyways, go into level 3, 100-200/25 with 25k, and the wheels fall off.  I lose 5k by whiffing like 5 flops, then this hand happens.  7 seat opens to 600, who had 40k, not sure where he got them because he was moved to the table an hour ago.  Playing really tight.  One caller, I call in the SB with KQo, BB calls, four ways to the flop of KcTxXc.  I check, OR (original raiser) bets 2100, I wonder why so much, but I have top pair.  I call, we're heads up.  Turn a king of spades.  I bet 3375.  I'm behind AK, KT, TT, and the bottom set.  I'm pretty sure he's raising me with the KT, TT, and bottom set hands on the turn, and he calls.  River a brick, I check, he somewhat quickly bets one 5k chip, I call, lose to AK. 

Then, muck-muck-muck-muck-muck times about five, AQhh open to 600, guy who had the most 3 bets of anybody else at the table (possibly combined?) makes it 1400, I shove 8k total, he groans and finally calls with TT, it came tails. 

But I'm in the Bahamas.  Good place to be out early.

Peace and good luck,


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