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January 26, 2022

Hahaha.  I just played this hand on the Gold Mine, aka the Money Factory special, aka the online poker site that shall remain nameless.  2-4 NL 6-max.  Cutoff limps, I make it $20 from the small blind with AJo, heads up flop of AKJ, I bet villain calls, turn Q check-check, river 9 check-check, ship it... over there?!?  He has the nuts?!? 

People are right that poker isn't as good as it was in 2005/6.  That's true but it's still waaaaaay better than it was in 2002.  Poker will always be easy enough to make money at with proper game selection and bankroll management. 

Anyways, sorry that it's been moons since I've written regularly, but they kicked my ass in Biloxi so bad that I was severely unmotivated to write.  If i did blog daily in the past two weeks, here's how they would have looked:

Wheels on the bus fell off late in day 2, ran into Jason Potter.  We took turns shitting on each other (he 3-bet me and showed 43o, T6o, I 4 bet him and showed 57o, etc) until he got the better end of a flip and a cooler and all my chips.  Got drunk at bar with Gavin and friends.

Grinded 5-10-25 PLO all day.  Lost all my money sans $160.  Got drunk with Kevin Saul and friends. 

Flew home.

Blew brains online Sundays.

Went to the lake Monday.  Spent most of my January 19th with my shirt off.  Took first shot at a critter with my bow - Coyote.  FYI, they're open season and there's a $150 bounty on their pelts.  Course, now that I think about it I was on the Arizona side of the lake, not the Nevada side, so it's prob a damn good thing that I missed.  LOL literally just realized that I was in Arizona. 

Blew brains online Tuesday.  Also played Frisbee golf (aka Frolf) and almost beat Jared.

Kicked ass online Wednesday, made deep run in Wednesday Quarter Mil, ran 99 into the top of Jon Turner's range, KJ, and he won the flip after some other unfortunateness.  Made like $3500 in cash games on the side.  Got sick. 

Blew brains online Thursday, was sick all day.

Kicked ass online Friday, went to the Wranglers game with Shelley and Seiver.  Good times.  $38 for seats on the glass center ice.  We were ahead 1-0 with 8 in the third, and I say, "I hope they tie and we win in a shootout."  I've never seen a shootout live thought it'd be cool.  They tie it up 30 seconds later, it goes to shootout, and we lose in like the 11th round of shootout.  Poker Videos

Saturday I blow brains online.  It was a really annoying session, fluctuating somewhere between down 1k and 2k forever (7 hr session).  It never got really bad, but never really had hope.  I went on a late night heater, got back to down a couple hundred, both games broke, and I was sitting out working on something on my desk.  Then this uber feesh sits back in, I'm like sweet holiday bonus, and proceed to dust off two dimes in half an hour.  Sigh fml. 

Sunday I have best Sunday ever, but is still super disappointing.  I end up taking 7th in the heads up for 2k, getting it in with K7ss on a 7x4s3s board vs. a player who was a loser at $22 buy-ins.  He flopped da nuts.  Then at some early point in the 2nd chance I get it in with 99 v KK and KK, ezgame flop J99, cruise all the way to 4th place for $23k.  Sucked out with 88>JJ on the final table (but the money belonged in the pot aka cooler), and then 4 handed PeachyMer opens the button, I 3-ball the SB for 220k with ThTd and 550k behind, and the BB/CL 4-bets.  I'm like, well, ok, it's going in, I guess, am thrilled when I see his ATo, and hate poker when it comes AhJhXx, Xh, X.  At this point I'm barely making the money in the FTP HORSE, end up taking 4th after getting it in vs. the short stack AQ v QT river T, AJ v K8 QQJ flop, river K.  GG me nice double-ups sir. 

OBV can't complain about my best Sunday ever and 2nd best online day ever, but FFS, can't I win something online one time?

Soooo, it's Monday.  They released the WSOP schedule today.  For the most part I like it.  There are no rebuy events this year.  Daniel is on record as saying that you can just "buy a bracelet" in these rebuy events.  C'mon that is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.  So, instead of these rebuy events that attracted over 1k players and created huge prizepools (and last year were dominated by the players that you routinely see at the PokerStars 100r final tables), they've replaced them with many odd mix events (yum-yum!) that will only attract 100-300 players.  After a preliminary look at the schedule of 58 events, I want to play about 26 of them, eight of which are NLHE events.  Even though the prizepools in these events are going to be smaller, I believe that my edge is way more significant there than in NLHE. 

I suppose it's official enough that I can say that I'm writing for Card Player now.  I'm pretty stoked on that... very proud actually.  First article should be in issue #4, hitting the casinos around Feb 18th.  Basically what I'm doing is a bi-monthly article where I take a hand that brings up some concepts, write about 7-800 words on the hand, and then submit it to about 50 other named pros.  I'm including other opinions on the hand with the article.  In the first article I have responses from Paul, "uclabruinz" Smith, Dutch Boyd, Jimmy "GobboBoy" Fricke, and Gavin Smith. 

Alrighty I'm about done writing, but it's going to be grind grind grind for most of this month.  I've spent enough money over the past nine months that I need to start dumping back into the vault.  I'm pretty motivated to get out of make-up and kick some ass on the tournament circuit this year.  Year of the bracelet?  Year of the major win?  Year of the awesome 2nd place (50k HORSE, WPT/WSOP Main?  I'll take it.)? 

Peace and good luck,


PS - Sorry about the lack of pictures lately.  The input format has changed and it's a big pita to put them up here.  I have a ton of good ones and will put up a page on my private blog wtih a link from here soon. 

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