HORSEing Around, and a little Danny the Degen
February 4, 2022

Apparently if you complain about not being able to win something on Sundays, then you win something the next Sunday.

Shipped the HORSE on Stars.  I came into the final table 7/8, got doubled up in LHE with 44 where I raised pre, bet flop, bet turn, and bet all-in on the river, board something like Q85, 2, 7.  K9o high paid me off.  Never re-raised me or anything, just, called.  I scrapped all the way until the 15 minute break, not sure why Stars thought it necessary to have a 15 minute break 3 handed on the final table, but anyways.  I had like 160k vs. 235k and 150k (ish).  They started talking deals, but I had already basically decided that I wasn't taking a deal unless it was ridiculous.  I looked up stats on my two opponents, and both were losers at abi's (average buy-in) less than $30 with low volume.  I basically said that I wanted 11k (payouts were 12,700, 8700, and 5400).  They said no.  I then proceeded to crush 3 handed, and when I had 230k and the chip lead I said, "I'll still settle for 11k."  We chopped, I was kinda meh about it, but looking at the numbers and thinking about variance I got way the best of it.  I got 11k and they both took 8163.  I tried to take them to value town at the end and get their $163 each (like the great Canadian drunken dealmaking), but one guy threatened to play it out, and the other guy told me to keep my word, and I didn't really feel like being an asshole so I took the deal and then won the thing about half an hour later. 

Good warmup for LA and the $10k HORSE there.  Back to back Sunday final tables, 4th and 1st.  I <3 HORSE.  I mean seriously, there is such a great skill gap between players in the mix games than there is in Hold'em.  Everybody is pretty decent at NLHE these days.  There's so much information available that people are actually using.  Yeah there's still an edge, but it's grown much smaller in the past three years.  But, add some cards, split some pots, and you have the inner donkey just begging to come out in many players.  There's so much more information to process in the mix games and most people simply cannot do it.  More cards + chop pots = greater complexity/skill gap. 

Anyways, so yeah.  I've been up to mostly the same.  Online grind Sun-Wed, playing live/online cash Thurs-Sat ish.  Took last Sat off, spent it tour guiding around town for the San Diego kids and their girlfriends who were in town.  Took em to Circus Circus and let em go bananas in the Midway with bananas and they loved it.  Dave and Jay kinda got into a pissing contest seeing who could win their girl the biggest stuffed animal, and they basically won them all.  The girls carried them out of the joint lol. 

That evening we saw Vinny Favorito.  I met him through Gavin who met him on the Real Deal set.  He personally met me out front of his showroom 45 minutes before the show to get me 8 tickets on a sold out show, putting us in his booth.  Kick ass.  It was a helluva show, with an excellent Saturday night crowd.  If you've never seen him before do yourself a favor and go see the show.  However, if you are offended by non-PC racial humor, don't. 

Headed off to LA sometime this week, might leave early and do San Diego up a little bit.  First event is Feb 9th, some 1-2k NLHE on Monday.  I play those all week, Shelley comes into town Friday, Valentines Saturday, online Sunday, the 10k HORSE on Monday, and then the $10k main on Saturday the 23rd.  I'm staying at my buddy Doug's house on the beach which I'm super stoked about since I don't have to stay at the Commerce (or any other fine hotel on the East side) nor my mother's couch/air mattress.  I'm fixin to ride my bike down, but it's kinda lookin like some weather.  I'm supposed to get my mustang back this week too.

I'm not sure if I ever told that story or not.  This is what I wrote in my Oct 22nd blog:

I started out blasting in level one. I was a bit steamed as I woke up in the morning with my mustang trashed in the driveway. Basically my roommate drove the car home the night before, had a blowout, and drove the car the rest of the way home. It was bad. Like, really bad. Like I blew a gasket bad. I can't remember the last time I had been that angry. Probably summer of 07?

Here's the whole story.  My roommate Danny is one of my best friends.  He makes some of the dumbest decisions of anybody I have ever met.  He is also one of the biggest degenerates I know.  He once took out $3k worth of markers to play video online poker at his bar after work.  So, one night after softball we go to the Copper Keg, the same bar that I met Shelley at the week before.  We go across the street at midnight when Shelley got off, she came with, so I had my mustang, Shelley's Mercedez, and a $15k tourney in twelve hours.  Plus a cute girl that I wanted to go watch movies with.  Danny and the boys are partying it up good, so I make this offer to Danny.  "I have to go, but I can get a ride from Shelley.  If you want, drive my car home tonight, but only if you stop drinking.  If you drink, crash at Jared's place and come back in the morning." 

Around 3:30-4am, I hear my car pull into the driveway.  It doesn't sound right.  It stalls 3 times coming up the driveway (standard driveway).  I'm like whatever, check it in the morning.  I wake up at 10:30, and have 3 missed calls from Jared (a lot) and a text asking, "Do you know where Danny is?"

I peek in Danny's room, he's here, I call Jared and start walking outside.  Jared tells me that Danny crashed at his house but disappeared in the middle of the night and a fifty (small dirt bike, 50cc motor) is missing.  Then I see the car.  The grill is upside down.  I don't know how.  Both front tires are shredded, and most of the entire front end trashed.  The top's down and there's a small dirt bike sticking out of the back seat.  Turns out Danny rode the 50 from Jared's house to the Kopper Keg, put the top down, threw the bike in the back (no big deal leather seats), drove it to my house, wiped out on the interchange, and drove the thing 3 miles more to the house cause he didn't want to get caught. 

I wake him up, say, "WTF?!?"  He responds with, "What?"

The good news is that State Farm covers anybody driving your car.  The bad news is that my insurance is getting dinged for it (rates increase).  So, car goes to the shop, and after literally 3 weeks they finally decide that they're going to total it.  In Canada I get an offer of $25,400.  Now, the car's worth $30k, plus they pick up the tax and what not, so I know that I can take them to value town for a couple dimes.  But, I was kinda sick of the issue and the car anyways, and I only paid $25,900 for it, so, I mean, ship it, but, I <em>never</em> miss a value bet.  I ask them to re-evaluate the value and call local dealers in the valley.  They call back several days later and say that I'm right, it is worth more, so they're not gonna total it.  They're gonna fix it.  No I cannot have the $25,400.  I get pretty pissed, because by this point it's literally like December 10th.  If they had a fair damn value in the first place then my car would have been fixed by Christmas, instead it didn't get started until the week before Christmas.  I also feel a little raped considering that they offered me that number saying this is what was fair value, when obviously it wasn't, and because I catch them lowballing me I get screwed.  It just felt really shady ethics wise, I mean I understand that they're a business, but they didn't do much to help me through this process as a customer.  Poker Radio

I'm gonna drive her hard when I get her back.  Mmm maybe I'll wait for her and take her to LA. 

Peace and good luck,


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