2008 WSOP Day 7: $2500 O/E Event 10
June 6, 2021

I made it to day two with 13,400, a couple of bets below average. 110/388 remain and I'm feeling good.

Before I get into todays play though, I need to tell you a story from day 2 yesterday. On my 2nd table I sat in the 3 seat. The gentleman named John in the 1 seat was legally blind. He would be dealt his 4 cards, pick them up and hold them literally one inch from his eye through glasses, read his hand, and play based on the action declared to him. After a few instances of him limp, I raise pre, after I lose the pot he looks at me and says, "Next time you're going to raise wink loudly." I laughed so hard. Poker Videos

Congrats to my friend Michael Banducci who won the $1k rebuy today. So sweet.

So, today was more mixed madness (which I love even though I hate it but I still love it). I had more chips at each break than the last time, but during each two level interval I would have a huge spike and then have my hopes trampled by some stupid hand. I peaked at like 22k, and then whiffed my open-ended straight-flush low draw that cost me a bunch of chips.

Tomorrow we restart at 3pm, and I have 4 hours to bust if I want to play the $1500 LHE... which I really really want to play, but it's not like I'm going to be trying to lose. I just have like eight big bets so it's kinda out of my hands.

Peace and good luck,


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