Laughlin and LAPC Day 0
February 9, 2022

Saturday afternoon Jared and I were standing on the porch watching the rain, talking about what we were going to do.  He said, "I just can't stop thinking about that bar in the bowling alley in Laughlin."  I say, "Let's go."  He says, "Let's go."  I walk to my truck, he follows, I get in, he does too, I start the truck, he laughs, and I say, "Wait, money."  I run up to my room, raid the safe for something like a dime (Biloxi has my cash roll), find $740 Canadian, shrug, grab that and run back downstairs.  We've all walked out of casinos drunk with that slot ticket that we somehow forgot to lose or redeem for dollars.  Who the hell leaves a country drunk with a pocket full of money that has no value where I am going.  Anyways. 

On our way out the door, Casey (who we know because he's the graveyard bartender at Buffalo Wild Wings by our house) says, "What are y'all doin?"  We don't break stride and he's on his way out the door with us.  Poker Videos

We get there, go bowling for 3 games and 6 beers each, and then drive up to the sushi joint.  Come back, straight into Loser's Lounge, perhaps the most consistently ridiculous bar/club on the planet.  You honestly feel like you are getting drunk in the middle of a Saturday Night Live sketch.  Anyways, we stumble out of there for a little break and wander to the online poker room.  Turns out that they have a nightly tournament, $15 buyin, multiple rebuys for the first half hour.  I honestly don't know how many I went through, but it was a lot.  $15 got you 2500, and a $15 add-on got you 2500.  Going in to level three, thirty minutes in and the end of the rebuy period I have $5k.  Blinds are 500-1k.  LOL.  I ship the button 1st hand with like JT or something, the BB tank-calls 4k more with AQo, that's not going to be good. I go on to win the thing, I think they had like 24 runners or something, and it pays 2 spots.  Maybe only 20.  Who knows I was on another planet.  4 handed I have all the chips, and they say, 5 more hands!  Then what?  Game over count the chips award money.  I fold my way to the victory, putting $220 into my pocket.  That means I made somewhere between $50 and $150.

Anyways, back to Loser's Lounge, and this place is just a mess.  A very entertaining mess.  Jared finds some strange and vanishes, Casey passes out, and I go on a drunken solo adventure til about 7am.  I donated some on the 1-2 NL table, then beat Don Laughlin's ass out of a nickel on the dice table, and then went and passed out in my comped $49 room. 

I was not happy the next morning, and since it was my truck I had to drive home in the wind and rain.  Sucked.  Got home at 3pm, fired up the onlineaments, meh day cashed in the stars HORSE 18th and that's it.  I've been planning on getting down to LA and have been wanting to ride my motorcycle, but weather has been too crappy.  I drove through rain, mostly, a ton of snow (almost whiteout + stick for about 10 miles in that pass between Primm and Baker).  Made it to my buddy's house in the South Bay, and have fired up the FTOPS #12 $1k 2nd chance.  That means that if u bust then you can rebuy, one time, first two hours.  1.6 mil and growing right now, 25 mins in.  One time?

Peace and good luck,


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