End of LAPC: $10k HORSE, $5k NLHE, $10k Main, Venetian $2500
February 24, 2022

And Devo is 25k deeper into makeup.  Here's the recap:

$10k HORSE:  An event that I was super psyched about turned into a disaster.  One of the most annoying tournaments I've ever played.  I think my best LHE hand was AT or 66, and I didn't win one pot where a bet went in post flop.  O8 sucked, Razz was my keeper aliver, Stud was slow, and I never scooped in Stud8.  Rough tourney.

$5k NLHE:  Kinda a silly busto hand.  1st hand back from break after level 6, 250-500/50, folds to my cutoff, I have As9s and 10250.  Oh yeah, and it's Chainsaw's blind, and he has like 5k.  This means that I can profitably open any two cards here.  DPeters, an online sicko is on the button, has a zillion chips, knows this, and makes it 3300.  Fold, fold, I ship for value, run into the top of his range (QQ) and lose. 

$10k Main:  Man, we only get a few of these a year, and I have never made a day 2 of a huge 10k (PCA, LAPC, WSOP ME).  15 and 25k's are no problem, but I just suck in these big soft 10k fields.  I played one sick hand vs. Matusow, I posted it in the Red Forum here:


I get the hell out of Los Angeles around midnight and drive across the desert disappointed about the trip.  Sunday online, two small disappointing cashes, and then met the fellas at the bar.  Here's where this night went:

Danny the Degenerate F*** was wasted.  Pretty hilarious.  He says to me, "Devo, you got a package at the house, and it's from spudgun.com."  I tell him that I know and told Gil to open it.  When Danny pointed out the package to Gil, he said, "Dude, that's Devo's, wait til he gets back from LA."  I'm not sure if the Native American Asshole was screwing with the Degen, but apparently it's been torture for Danny daily.  His rant was hilarious.  "Dude, every damn day I walk past that thing, and want to open it sooooooooo bad, and I say, naw, that's Devo's, but man, I want to open it so bad!  I've never been this tortured in anticipation in my life, even on Christmas!"

Jared meanwhile is ranting, "How could you not open it?  It says 'spudgun' on it.  It has your address on it.  That thing would have been opened at my house by the person that received the package first."

We close our tab, go to Vons and buy this:

2 bags of potatoes
1 can Aqua Net
20 Bud Light bottles

Danny ends up not coming after meeting Captain Cougar, so Shelley, Jared and myself go home and assemble a spudgun.

If somehow you have no clue what a spudgun is:


Score the first potato, load it in the chamber... "How much hair spray, Jared?"


Psssssssttttttttttt....... "Now!"  Slam the lid closed on the chamber, screw it in, and click the barbecue ignitor.

click... click... click... ***thhhhhhhhhhhhwwooooooooomp***  Potato lands less than 20 feet away. 

Hmm.  Too little potato.  Muzzleloader style this time.  We grab the pirate flag off of the Piece of Ship, score the potato, and ram it into the breech with the pirate flag pole. 

"How much hairspray?"


I'm not even going to type sound effects, but it was good, our abdomens all hurt, and 30% of the neighbors were probably waken up. 

The third one sent us scurrying into the house and had a cop driving down our street.  Oops.  It was so ridiculously loud, and that potato had to clear 200 yards. 

"Lets go to the desert."

Alright.  We all pile into my truck, load the gear (spudgun, hairspray, potatoes, knife, and beer), and head out to the desert about six minutes from my house.  We're on the rim of the valley in the south east side of town and from where we were we had a great view of the city lights below.  And it helped light up the trashcan that we brought to shoot potatoes at. 

But, we had a malfunction after the first one.  I think we flooded the thing, using too much Aqua Net.  I'll let you know how that progresses. Poker News

Anyways, I drug myself out of bed at 11am this morning and headed to the Venetian for their $2500 main event.  This is a part of their deep stack series, which for the record, is a complete joke because the structure gets so ****ed deep in exchange for starting 400bb's deep. 

I managed to get all 400 of those bb's in during the first level in this hilarious hand.  The actor who was the teacher's assistant in Road Trip limps for 50, I make it 200, SB throws out a 1k chip, actor folds, and I'm just chilling out.  I'm hungover, but I just finished a breakfast sandwich, orange juice, and two bananas.  I'm listening to something groovy like Greg Grant, nobody's looking at me, they're all looking at the 1k chip, so I assume that they need change.  I grab one purple and five blacks and put them out toward the 1k chip.  Dealer says, "Re-raise.  1200 now."  I pull out my earbud and say, "What in the hell?!?"  I genuinely don't know what's going on, turns out the guy made it 600, I say oh my bad and go to just call.  The dealer tells me that it needs to stay in, I say, "Call a floor."  I know it's going to have to stay in, but I just can't help myself.  It's like free marketing.  Floor tells me it has to stay in, I say fine no problem. 

The dude makes it 3600.  I take the right amount of time and stuff arr-in.  He has like 17k and I cover.  That is 340 big blinds each.  He beats me to the ****ing pot with AQ all pissed off like, and my AKo holds.  LOL. 

Ended the day with 52k or so, blinds at 600-1200/100 for another half an hour.  Plenty of room, 90 minute levels, and a very weak field.  I feel very confident and think I will be able to take advantage of the big jumps in the structure as we get down there better than most in the field. 

Peace and good luck,



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