Vegas to Tahoe to Reno to San Jose to ?: Days 1-3
March 6, 2022

I'm wiped out right now after a day on the slopes at Heavenly Valley, so y'all are getting a super short blog.  Jared, Danny, Jake, and myself left Vegas Wednesday afternoon, made it to Beatty, NV, stopped in for a beer, and finally went to bed around 4am.  LOL.  We found a poker game, variable spread limit, 1-2 pre, 1-5 on the flop, 1-6 on the turn, 1-7 on the river.  We all got pickled, I won like $280, Danny won like $350, Jared broke even, Jake played one hand and lost.  Good times.  Poker News

Drove Thursday, got to Tahoe, staying at Jeremy (Joseph) and Krystal's place in Tahoe keys, rode today, and going snowshoeing tomorrow.  I'll bring y'all a video blog then, until that here's some pics:

PokerRoad note/plea for reformatting: 

I write my blogs in html, and right around the time I stopped posting pics is when I couldn't post in html here any longer.  Click here to see the pics.

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