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April 7, 2022

Hi all sorry for the absence.  Basically, here's what's happened in the past month:

Tahoe was awesome.  I got some good end of the season winter outdoor time in.  I ended up on a solo adventure for a few days when I had to be out of Jeremy's house and before I could be in Evan's house on the north shore.  Played a little small stakes poker in this time.  Monday and Tuesday night after playing online I played 1-3 NL in their biggest poker room in Tahoe to get some free food and beer before going somewhere. Poker News

On Tuesday when I sat I bought in for $300.  The kid to my left had like $1600.  I doubled through somebody early, then got AA vs. the kid, re-raised pre, bet the flop, he shoved with AK high and said "Oh F&%#..."  when I snapped.  I know that feeling.  By the time I finished my chicken fingers I had $1300 in front of me and the kid had $300. 

I ended up hitching a taxi to the bar over on the California side.  I meet this dude Wes that I had played 3-5 with Saturday night and several of his friends.  Like they do in Cali they kick us out at 2am, we wait around for a long time for a cab and laugh at these dumb girls from Sacramento.  Turns out pair of girls from Sac Town are hitting on pair of dudes from Tahoe who also have two other buddies with em.  Then chick A pukes in middle of group.  Chick A and B run off to parking lot.  Now, they were already LOL idiots before this, kind of like that blonde chick that Brian dated in Family Guy for a while.  Anyways, these dudes are just laughing in general, then chick B sneaks back to the fire in the trashcan that we were all standing around, jumps in all quick and says, "We can hear you over there.  You guys aren't being nice."  Blah blah blah, it was pretty funny. 

I end up hitching a ride back to the casinos with these two dudes who had a cab, mine never showed up or perhaps the drunk chicks piled into it, I'm not sure.  I convince these guys to play the taxicab roulette game, then we stop at 7-11 (buy beer), then we go to Harvey's.  I win TCR, and we end up going to the bar 24 across the street.  There's like fifteen people in there, but they're serving, and we're drinking.  They have some raffle for a snowboard which we got 2 tickets for the round of drink, they kept since they paid, ship the snowboard.  From there I stumbled across the street back to the online poker room. 

I went straight back to the game I had left, and sat down in an open chair.  Then I hear the floorman yell at me for doing so.  Now, the night before I watched him kick out a younger kid who came into the poker room late for dropping the F bomb, and then when the guy protested, the floorman responded, "It's my f***ing room I can do what I want."  I left like two hands after that and the game broke.  He didn't mind. 

So anyways I basically end up telling him to kiss my ass, his issue was that he "don't like it when players sit in games without talking to me."  I apologized, said I didn't know there was a must move game, I left the same game about 3 hours ago, and will sit in the must move game, but he wanted to agrue more so I left.  I ended up going to the dice table with the $155 in reload money left in my coat pocket.  I played like 4 or 5 rolls just playing nickels, relaxing, drinking Bud Lights, and then the sick asian gambler in me came out and I kicked it up to quarters getting it all in after the first roll. 

Quit about an hour later up $2k.  TY Harvey's. 

From there I left on Wednesday and drove to Tahoe City on the north shore and to stay at Evan's house with a bunch of dudes.  We commuted down to Reno for the $3k which got just over 100 players, even with $50k added to the prize pool.  Andy and Evan made the final table, with Andy winning the thing.  Nice.  I played the $5k on Saturday which got like 29 runners lol, got sucked out on early by FatalError, and immediately left for Virginia City.

This place is an old mining town that has been kept alive through tourism and gambling, plus its proximity to Reno and Carson City.  I could remember coming up there as a kid; seeing the camel races, sitting on one of said camels, good times for a ten year old.  This trip was a bit different though, and turns out the town was packed.  It was the "St. Patrick's Day/Start of the Tourism Season" celebration day, put on by the local chamber of commerce.  No joke.  I had a great time.  Drank some not green beer, saw some live music, and just enjoyed being in the presence of a bunch of people having a great time.

Sunday we played online back at the house, which is a super nice place that just got finished with lakeviews from pretty much every window.  It's the most advanced technological house I've ever been in.  I was somewhat surprised that it wouldn't respond to voice commands.  The lighting system is something called "Lumens" and is controlled by push buttons where the switches normally are.  Each button is a different lighting scheme for the room you're in.  At about 10pm the super loud Klaxxon horn just goes off in the kitchen.  It's like a fire drill at the high school type alarm.  I poke my head up in there, and it's a grey metal box with an amber light on top labeled "Indoor/Outoor Alarm."  It didn't turn off until FatalError flipped the breakers for "Lumens Control."  We're all obv like wtf?!?  Evan and I assumed it had something to do with the house alarm and were screwing with the alarm panels (failing miserably).  CrazyMarco and Holla@YoBoy are still playing.  I flip the breaker back on to see if it reset everything, and the horn goes off again.  Marco lets out the most pained, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....!!!!!!!!!!!" ever.  It was so damn loud. 

After the silence, we realize that we can't turn lights on or off.  The entire downstairs is on and will not go off.  All the bedrooms are on, hallways off, and the rest is mixed.  The button panels had cascading red led lights scrolling down the left side.  Nothing would work.  For the rest of the night the alarm would beep when anybody opened an exterior door, and sometimes when people didn't.  We to this day don't know wtf happened. 

We left the next morning for San Jose and the Bay 101.  We stopped at some market in Auburn that was awesome, and got into San Jose around 5pm.  Instant dislike of the vibe.  $225 a night at the doubletree.  $21 to valet my car, "Because it's close to the airport."  I don't give a damn.  I'm not using that airport, I'm using your hotel.  Bay 101 was tiny.  Lines were long for the games.  I wanted out immediately.  Kim and I rallied a trip to Santa Cruz, on a mission for Pizza.  We just drive downtown, find a Pizza My Heart, figure close enough and walk in.  No beer.  Walk back outside.  Mexican place next door serves margaritas.  Nice. 

Walk back to car, drop off leftovers, walk to Irish Pub.  About half a block off the main downtown street there was a dude playing a very small djembe drum on a park bench, slightly outside of the light cast from an overhead streetlight.  He wasn't playing for tips, he was playing for himself and those who heard his rhythms echoing through the downtown alleyways.  As we walked past him across the street I heard him whistling a tune.  I swore I recognized it, and after he whistled a couple bars, I whistled the next two bars.  I feel like I had heard it somewhere before, because I knew that those were the notes to whistle, but I can't for the life of me identify what song it might have been.  The dude whistled again, I whistled back, and then the two of us and this random dude walking past us whistled in harmony at the same time.  It was a sweet hippie moment in Santa Cruz for sure. 

Day one of my tourney was Tuesday, and it started crappy.  Nothing major until we finally got the cards into the air, but just a ton of little things that made me super irritable all morning. 

1)  10am.
2)  Alarm.
3)  Server took 5+ mins to get me coffee.
4)  $13 for a continental breakfast which was of standard hotel quality or $19 for crappy buffet where the pancakes looked like they were sweating.  Or order from the menu, $12 for one egg freshly prepared however I want it. 
5)  Jon goes to the restroom.  I get bill.  I pay my half.  I go to restroom.  Guy runs after me to collect the moniez. 
6)  Got car out of valet.  $21. 
7)  Go to bay 101, wait in line 15 mins to get seat assignments, was told night before they'd be posted in the morning so I didn't need to check in or anything the night before.  I hate lines.
8)  Go get coffee.  Sit down at table.  Get yelled at for not having a receipt.  She didn't give me one.  Sit coffee on table.  Tells me no drinks on the table.  FFS lady give me a second.  I sit, grab coffee, turn to sit it on end table, Daniel Negreanu flies through the aisle, hits elbow, black coffee down nice shirt and onto crotch of jeans.  I just stand up and leave.

I came back about 45 mins later, busted somebody by the end of the level, and was feeling good with a double stack.  It stayed there all day until I lost half of it to Wretchy 4 mins left in day one, and then lost the rest the next day with AK.  Get me the hell out of this place. 

I left and drove straight back to Vegas.  Stopped for a flat tire on the way in the middle of nowhere, had quite the adventure there, cost me $500 too.  Made it home safe though and just parked in my love sac for a few days. 

Played online that week, spent Thurs-Tue in San Diego for Rincon and hang at the money factory time.  Got out for my first outdoor music festival of the season, the San Diego Indie Music Fest V.  It was a good time.  Took 5th in the Stars O8 on Sunday making it about a breakeven day.  Rode motorcycle back from San Diego on Tuesday, went to see Plain White Tee's Wednesday, and played the Bellagio $2k and $3k on Friday and Saturday.  65 and 58 players respectively.  Sigh for poker.  Took 12th in the 3k after having chips all day, Venetian 500 Saturday, then Sundays online.  I ran bad.  3 or 4 bubbles.  Lose TT to 99 on Txx flop (money went in pre, goes 9, 9), and lose QQ to 66 when he raise/calls pre (for 1/3 my stack) and then check/calls the Q87 flop, obv goes 5, 9. 

Monday I played the HU SCOOP and the nightlies, took 3rd in the 100 cubed to win about 2k or so.  Goggles runs the goodest, although I did get one suckout in against him.  Hope he won, it was a pretty sick final table.  Played just the SCOOPS today, high and mid Mixed Hold'em and all the Stud 8's.  I'm still in the mid Stud 8 one approaching the money, 17/111 remain. 

Peace and good luck,



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