2008 WSOP Days 8-9: O/E Day 2, LHE Day 2, Bring on the Weekend
June 7, 2021

So, since my buddies are all doing so well, I decided to wait until they cool down before I start kicking ass.

Actually I just decided to set some sort of most day 2's made in a row without cashing.

K I can't come up with anything else witty. I wonder if anybody has ever done that in world series history. Make day 2 of a three day event three days in a row, once 5th in chips, once average, and once half average, cashing zero times. That's tough to do I think. I'm an overachiever.

It's moments like this where I wish I wasn't so competitive. I want to win everything even though I know that I can't (and even when I get there I usually take 2nd). Usually when I get rolling early in these tournaments I end up doing well, but these 5pm limit events have been the bane of my existence in the last two years. Today makes the 5th time I've done this. Last year in the 3k and 5k LHE events I was top 5 in chips with 60 left in both and didn't cash in either. I'm beginning to feel a bit cursed. Poker Videos

Rant over.

So, I'm playing the Sundays online tomorrow, going to the lake on Monday, and then am back at it on Tuesday at the series. Here's my schedule next week:

Tue Jun 10 #20 LHE $2000 5

Wed Jun 11 #21 NLHE $5000 12

Th Jun 12 #23 NLHE $2000 12

Sat Jun 14 #27 NLHE $1500 12

Sun Jun 15 #30 LHE $10,000 5

More than double the buy-ins I spent this week, hopefully things go a bit better.

In prop betting news, I have decided that I am a horrible prop bettor but an excellent deal maker. Early in the O/E event I decided that I wanted to make a POY total points bet, and who else to gamble with but Brandon Cantu. Lacey looked up our point totals, he had like 2700 and I have like 1800. Easy line to set, I say lay me 3-2 on end of the year total points. We make the bet for 3k-2k, and by the time I get back to my chair I realize what a horrible bet I had made. Max Pescatori says, "Can I be your friend too?" In case you haven't figured it out yet, it's really hard to even get 900 points. I'm prob a 3-2 dog to even catch up to Cantu this year, much less end the year with more points.

So, in an effort to get even, when we're both at 6k in chips I propose a last longer. He says that he needs odds (which he does at limit mix games... I'm significantly better at the limit variety than he is). I end up laying 2700 to 2k on a last longer, and then proceed to put gasoline on the fire as usual. After several hours I run my stack up to 16k while Brandon ends up around 4k. I make a settlement offer to him. "Let me out of the POY bet and I'll let you out of the last longer." Deal.

Brandon somehow hangs around, I get crushed on day 2, Brandon goes on to take the chip lead and eventually bust in 9th.

Nice... saved at least $2700 and prob another 2k.

Peace and good luck,


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