The Week Before
May 27, 2022

I can't believe the series started today.  Frickin awesome.  I'm so psyched for this WSOP.

I start Friday with the $1500 Omaha 8 or Better, the same event that I took 2nd in a couple years ago to Kravchenko.  This year I think that I'm going to either win something small or take 2nd in something big.  I mean, although I might go insane if I take 2nd again, at least I will be that much closer to Andy Bloch for best all time runner up, and then I will be best at something lol.

Here's my schedule:

5/29 #3 O8 $1500
5/30 #4a NLHE $1000

6/1  #5 PLO $1500
6/2  #7 NLHE $1500
6/3  #10 PLH/O $2500
6/4  #11 NLHE $2000
6/5  #13 NLHE $2500
6/6  #16 Stud $1500
6/7  #18 O8 $10k

6/9  #21 HORSE $3k
6/10  #22 NL Shoot $1500
6/11  #25 O/E $2500
6/12  #26 LHE $1500
6/13  #28 NLHE $1500
6/14  #31 HORSE $1500
6/15  #32 NLHE $2000
6/16  #34 NLHE $1500

6/18 #36 NLHE $2000
6/19 #38 LHE $2000
6/20 #39 NLHE $1500
6/21 #42 8 Game $2500
6/22 #44 Razz $2500
6/23 #46 O8 $2500
6/24 #47 MHE $2500

6/26 #50 LHE Shoot $1500
6/27 #51 NLHE $1500
6/28 #53 Stud 8 $1500
6/29 #55 Deuce $2500

7/6 #57D Main $10k

I'll be blogging as much as possible (which might not be much), and I'll be tweeting all my updates/other nonsense I'm sure.  Jimmy Fricke, Court Harrington, and myself will be hosting Poker Radio every Saturday from 11am-Noon.  It can be heard live on, on (the I can't remember the name) Sports Network covering many radio stations in North America, and downloaded directly to your iPod as a pokerroad podcast through iTunes. 

Right now I'm on my way back from the river.  It was a good, relaxing, and blur of a weekend.  Unfortunately our skis were stolen from the buoys in front of the house.  We were on the dock til 4am and they were gone when we woke up.  Bastards.  I don't understand why it's so hard for some people to abide by, "That's not mine, I will leave it alone."  I hope they crash them into the Needles bridge and get their faces re-arranged. 

Before that I was in LA for the last week of the Cal State Championships.  I left LA early Saturday morning (noon thirty) after busting late Friday night from the $5k main event.  I fought Memorial Weekend traffic out to Vegas, drove straight to the MGM Grand Garden Arena and met Jared, Danny, Jake, and a couple of others for the Machida/Evans UFC fight.  I got there late missing the first undercard but was not disappointed at all by the fight.  Evans got knocked the eff out, Machida was super impressive.

The Cal State was poker til 6am every day.  I played a bunch of cash, putting in significant hours in 5-10 NL, 40-80 LHE, 20-40 Stud, and even a 5-5 PLO game that Adam Junglen, Jimmy Fricke, and I started three handed.  By the time 4am rolled around it was just me, but the table was full and the familiar faces had gone through three bottles of wine.  Myself, McMatto from online, Mike the Russian, and Tim the HighlandFox and I were having a good time.  Two old nits were convinced we were all cheating somehow, and one of them in particular was a total prick.  When he sat down, before even being dealt into a hand, they were on the flop action, somebody bet like 85 into something over $100, and somebody raised the pot.  Dealer goes, "Uhh, uhh.." but it is a tough spot.  It was like 5 ways for $25 + some blinds or whatever, plus the flop action.  Whatever.  This bitter old man looks at the dealer and says, "You don't KNOW how much is in the POT?!?"  He then proceeds to stare at the dealer who was doing just fine until the turn action is completed. 

So I get short, am up what's on the table, want to double or bust then go to bed.  I call the nit's pre-flop raise with like AhJhTc6c.  Flop Jc6s5s.  He bets, I raise the pot, $195 total.  He calls like instantly.  Turn a red seven, he checks, I shove $160 or so, he calls slowly.  River Ac.  I table my AJ, then the 65 with my left hand, old nit says, "Damnit!" mucks his hand.  I'm stacking the pot, then out of the corner of my eye from the 8 seat I see cards get exposed in front of the 1 seat.  I look up and the whole 1-6 seats are looking at 4 cards, AQJx.  The "Just Cheated Self" nit is in the 7 seat and oblivious.  Mike the Russian whispers, "Muck that hand, muck that hand, muck that hand!"  Turns out it was the nit's hand, seat 2 asked to see it, and he had top two pair.  I had top two pair.  The dealer mucks the hand, and all six seats are looking at me with those "wow..." faces.  So between that gift and Junglen punting his stack to me, I made about $900 that night. 


Peace and good luck,


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