WSOP 2009: Days 6-Main Event day 1C
July 5, 2021

I busted my ass this year and have had disappointing results.  I got sleep every night, I didn't party, I played a tournament almost every day and cash games in between.  I made sure to take time off and got to the lake and Mt. Charleston.  I ended up three for twenty-something, 26th or something in $1500 HORSE, min+1 cash in the $1500 LHE, and a 2/3rd's min-cash in the $2500 Mixed Hold'em.  I lost about $500 in cash games over like .  I'm behind in my prop bets, fixing to lose about $1500 (unless Fricke and I can cash for more than Gavin and Seebs in the main). 

So, I've been super busy, and haven't had anything too exciting to talk about.  The show has gone well, I've been happy with that.  I got my jet ski back last week and rode it yesterday, that was sweet.  I mean, I can't really complain, but I am disappointed with how this year's Series has gone, esp with me putting in more effort than any other year.  Poker Videos

I play the main tomorrow and am pretty excited for that.  Due to divorces and death threats this will only be the 2nd year that I've played the main, and after getting 300 big blinds in last year with the nuts and having no chance to win, I'm ready for another go.  Still have two tables going this Sunday, started well with a 3rd in the $100 PLO/8, am probably even for the day freerolling these two.

What I'm most excited about now though is that I've decided to ride my motorcycle cross continent.  Planning on leaving July 22nd, head from here to LA, up the Pacific coast to Vancouver, across the Canadian Rockies through Banff, Calgary, across the Canadian midwest as fast as possible to Minneapolis, and to Chicago by Aug 7th for Lollapalooza.  Stay for Phish on the 11th, leave the 12th for Court on the lake in North Carolina, hang there for a week.  Fly back for Legends, play, come back to NC, ride South around Florida, across the Gulf Coast, hopefully hit a hurricane on the way, and return to Vegas through Colorado. 

That'll yield some good blogs :).

Peace and good luck,


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