2008 WSOP Days 10-13: Good day off, Good day back
June 12, 2021

Ahh, this was a good weekend. I played all the Sundays, built a ton of stacks but kept running into brick walls. While especially frustrating, I don't mind these runs so much because I know that I'm playing well to build the stacks that I'm building. Monday was lake day. Ten of us took off from Hemmingway via the Piece of Ship, two new stand-ups, and the old 440. The weather was absolutely perfect. Mid 90's, slight breeze, water temp of like 78. Perfect. We went through seven cases of beer in under six hours and came back around 10pm. I had to scoot over to Half Shell Dos for the first annual World Championships of Photohunt hosted by Team SMD. After my disappointing finish at last years World Series of Shuffleboard (which I hope we repeat this year), I was determined to redeem myself in this year's competition. Two years ago while I lived in Minnesota and was really getting going as a pro, I often made more money at the bar with poker players gambling on golden tee and photohunt and other parlor games. I lost at online poker for a couple of months and still never went broke on a short bankroll out there. At the 2006 WSOP, Dutch Boyd walks up to me randomly at the Tilted Kilt and says, "Hey, you wanna play photohunt for a hundred?" I gladly accept and get my ass whipped. He's the best I have ever seen play. Dutch and I decide that we should be teammates. We weren't able to sneak that into the draw so it ended up being a random draw for partners and seedings. The prize pool was... "whatever is leftover from the fund we set aside for this party after the tab is cleared." Couple hundred bucks prob. We ended up having 12 teams play 2 rounds in an equal bracket to get a final three. The final three would play two games each round robin style, with third place getting nothing, first getting $2400 and second getting $1200. Cliff notes: Dutch + lucky partner (Joey Bartholdi) chop $2400 while Devo + 2nd luckiest partner (Kevin Saul) chop $1200 and Mark Newhouse and Jon Eaton, after taking third, complain about how bad they run at everything. I love company parties! Came in the next afternoon for the $2k LHE. My raise-every-hand-bet-until-they-fold-or-make-sixes-up-instead plan didn't work so well as several of the players knew me and were owning my ass to be honest. I couldn't get away with anything. I dwindled down to 1300 when I played one of the silliest hands I've ever played in the 50-75/75-150 level. I'm in the BB with Td2d, early limp, somebody raises, two call, I call in bb, limper calls, see a flop 6 ways. 345 w/2 diamonds, I bet, guy raises, original raiser calls, I 3 bet, 4-bet, call, I cap, both call. Turn: 8 or something. I check, early limper bets, raiser calls, I call. River: T. I check, guy bets 150 leaving himself 75 (which I just noticed), raiser folds, I'm about to call and the guy says, "Just check-raise me all-in. Send me home." OK. "I raise." He lost the extra 75. And was pretty disgusted to be yet another victim of the ten doooooose. Terri and I turned the table into a drinking game after that. Very much fun. Then I went on the standard run-it-up to 16k and then crash and burn in glorious style. This time though they let me bust on day one so that I could lose an additional $5k at noon today... but they let me do that so that I could win the $200 Main Event Seat Shootout on FTP tonight for $12k. Lets call it all a wash. I made another final table and got pretty unlucky in the 50/50. I'm thrilled with how I'm playing, so I know it's just a matter of time before I make some noise in this series. Peace and good luck, Devo Post a comment!

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