Congrats Joe Cada!
November 20, 2021

 his weekend the WSOP main event final table went down here in Vegas and obviously the weekend revolved around that. Saturday I wasn't terribly interested in going early as I knew that it'd be going late, and by the end of the night I ended up not going. I was called in to do commentary at like 2:30am but I was already away from the phone. I tried to get myself in earlier but I just couldn't crack through the Maven and Hollywood Dave.

Sunday I made a deep run in the Sunday mill, busting somewhere around 90th unfortunately. I've been making a lot of deep runs lately, including 13th in the 1k 6max FTOPS last night, good for a bit over $50k this week. I had a wristband for stage seats for the heads up match but lasted long enough in the ftops for them to finish their little heads up duel. My backer also has Joe. I texted him mid match and something like, "Thats right, in the money, y'all can rely on ol Devo to keep y'all afloat." LOL. They had a good week.

So I got down there in time for the festivities. Obviously, Devo doesn't show up until the beer is free. I hung out for a while watching picture after interview, and it was an amazing atmosphere. The group of Cada crazies, all young, all having a helluva time. After everything was over we were lead into one of the Palazzo suites, and man was it amazing. Ty Rio! Food, open bar, the bathroom had a bidet, beday, bedae, however you spell it, but I didn't have the courage to poop and use it. I spent most of my time hanging with Tony Gugiano and Cliff. Somebody announced to be at the ESPNZone at NYNY at 5:15pm for the viewing party.

Woke up the next day late, and I tried to install a new fan onto my laptop. I printed the instructions for how to change it out, didn't read em, turned off the laptop, got out a screwdriver, and was ready to go to work.

Steps 1-3 talk about turning it off. Step 4: Remove the battery. This is easy.

Step 5: Remove the following components:

a. Hard drive. What?
b. Optical drive. Seriously?
c. Switch cover. What's that?
d. Keyboard. That's where I stopped. It goes to: l. System board. I called Fry's and asked how much to install it, $150, I think I'm just going to buy a desktop.

So I headed down to the ESPNZone and there was a table with a pile of Doyle's new book and a line. Hmm lot of people here. Turns out that it's the official viewing party, and I wasn't on the list. Somebody screwed up in telling everybody to go there. Jonathan Little was there, he wasn't on the list either, and it took us about 30 minutes to get in. We're so 2008. If they knew how much face time he was going to get they would have let him in immediately. So that party was fun, after that we headed to Pure for the official club party, had a good time and a blur of an evening.

Tomorrow Jon Little, Hoyt Corkins and myself are going jeeping. Stoked!

Peace and good luck,



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