Life in Vegas Can Be Awesome!
November 24, 2021



This week has been an amazing adventure into the saga of a normal dude like me living in Vegas.  I have to warn you though, because I'm in Phoenix/Scottsdale/Ft. McDowell Indian Casino neighborhood, had a few too many tonight, and can't really type 65 words a minute like usual.  I have no clue if 65 is an accurate number, I would take the way over in a bet, but I'm factoring in all the drunk/etc time into the number. 

Anyways..  Lol.  During Legends Jonathan Little and I sat with Hoyt Corkins.  We talked, and he invited us to go "Jeeping" with him.  Not sure exactly what that meant, me the ever adventurous woodsman and Jon Little the Spontaneous accepted his offer.  Finally at the viewing party we hammered out a time to do it.  Here's what "Jeeping" means:

1)  Meet at casino (we chose Red Rocks)
2)  Get food (we chose Islands, I used to work there, it's the nuts).
3)  We went to the gas station, Hoyt says, "Get a six pack."  Jon and I walk out with an 18 pack, I throw the bag of ice over my shoulder, it bursts open, they offer a new bag, we say no half is fine, cause we're filling the cooler up with beer.  Half a bag turns out to be fine. 
4)  We drive in Hoyt's awesome lifted Jeep Rubicon into Red Rock Canyon, pay the gate fee, drive to the end of the park where the pavement ends.  Hoyt says, "Bryan, hand me a beer."
5)  ?????
6)  ?????
7)  We got to the summit, where we were going to walk to the peak and overlook the Las Vegas valley, but didn't due to wind.
8)  Drove down the hill, went to a biker bar, had a shot and a beer, drove home.
9)  Jon and I weren't able to drive, we went into Red Rock Casino, played cards, got bored after an orbit and me beating him out of 7 units playing props even with sleeping 3, and then went bowling.
10)  Went home, had an awesome night with the amazing woman that I live with now.

It was a good day. 

So that was last Thursday, it's now Thursday the next... actually, Friday, cause it's 3:47 Las Vegas time (4:47 Arizona time)... anyways, this week was great.  Friday I played the Venetian $300+50!!!  Plus fifty!!!!  WTF?!?!  Busted, played cash, 5-10 nl, made six bucks, then went to Cody Slabaugh's birthday get together at his house.   Spent some time hanging with Eric Baldwin, Justin Young, and a bunch of other awesome dudes, got a ride home.

Saturday, played the FTOPS $2500, busted top set vs. a very not nut flush draw.  Sigh.

Sunday, played everything, busted very early not cashing in anything.

Monday.  Took it off.  

Tuesday.  Got woken up early by the floor people.  Shelley owns her house, paid for and everything, and after I moved in, and started pooping in the upstairs bathroom, the drain pipe sprung a leak.  So my poop and laundry drainage was leaking in the wall in the kitchen, ruined the carpet and linoleum.  Fortunately KB Homes found themselves responsible, and said they'd pay for everything.  So dudes showed up at 7:45am, way too early, I went upstairs to sleep on the Ron Jeremy futon (long story), and woke up around noon.  Started working, hosted the UB weekly VIP tournament, chopped it for $1200, take that VIP's, and went downstairs to new flooring.  Magic!

Wednesday, Shelley went on a homemaker's spree.  It was amazing.  I like being domestic a bit.  I went on to take 6th in the UB $1k for $9400, pretty happy about the finish never really had a chance to do better.  So I've cashed for $50k online in the last two weeks, Shelley and I's relationship has gotten awesomer, and life is generally great.  The house looks amazing, life is good, and I can't complain. 

So pretty deep I get a call from my agent/manager Katie, she says I have an opportunity, and basically I get to go on a private jet with Cantu, Madsen, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Helmuth, Todd and Pam Brunson, and me.  It's for a charity event in Phoenix at the Ft. McDowell Casino.  Room and everything comped.  I accept without any details, got on the plane this morning, got my ass kicked at Lodden Thinks, and have had a great first day.  I'll tell y'all about the rest later!

Peace and good luck,




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