November 30, 2021

So they did dirty things to me in day 2 of the Venetian main.  I busted 34th of 269, money at 27.  Thats two live majors in a row that I've been f'd in.  This one I got sucked out on the river for a 130k pot and then got 100k in pre vs. the same dude with AKcc and lost to his AQo on QXXcc brick brick.  It was the first time that I've thrown something after busting out of a tourney.  I waited til the stairwell though, and the cinder block wall made a nice backstop for my Fiji water bottle.

I was steamed; I'm pretty sick of getting screwed deep.  It's been a good month and a good few months, but the $200k in cashes I've had were worth way more in equity before busting.  It's really hard to get deep in these things, and the importance of not running bad increases exponentially the deeper you get, and I've been bad at running good deep.  It's frustrating.

Anyways, Shelley and I drove down to So Cal for Thanksgiving these last few days.  Spent Wednesday at her Mom's house, Thursday with my family in OC, and are headed back to Vegas now.  Bellagio five diamond started today, I'm playing tomorrow at noon, and for most of the events this month until the 19th.

Peace and good luck,



3 months ago
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