2008 WSOP Days 14-16: ($3500) in donkaments, $9200 in homegames
June 15, 2021

Thursday I wandered into the Rio excited to play some unlimited hold them after the torturing that I was put through in the previous week playing limit events. I was rewarded with a two hour stay at the Rio where I busted shortly before the break. The same thing happened Saturday in the $1500, this time I lasted only like 75 minutes, and in both I was thoroughly entertained by the absurdity of how bad they played.

The last few days have been quite an adventure. Someday if I ever finish my book I guarantee that I will write about all of them, but today I can only give you some. I spent most of Thursday afternoon evening running errands and taking care of things. One of them was buying a bed since I am moving into the master bedroom after Jared moved out and I decided that my queen size frame with $40 full size mattress in my bedroom wasn't going to cut it. I walked into a bed store, said, "Hi, i want a bed like the beds at the Wynn." She points one out, says its same design different model slightly better quality. I say, "Have it in king?" "Yup." "Deliver?" "Yup." "Sold."

"Wow... I wish every customer was like you."

Her commission was basically doubled because I didn't try and haggle.

That evening Lacey and I had a late dinner at Roadrunners, and then I called Gavin since I was on that side of town. They were "playing poker" and "everybody" was there. I said I'd come over after dinner. About ten minutes later, I get a text from Fuller that says, "Hurry, you don't want to miss this game."

So I get there and find Gavin, Chris Bell, Nordberg, Nathan, E-Dog, and Fuller all sitting with stacks in various states of disorganization and they tell me to sit and play. I of course need to know what we're playing, and they say mix games, so I'm obv interested, but then I ask what stakes and get this explanation: "All games are played NL, there are no blinds, all chips are $100, there's a $100 ante per hand, action starts left of the button, $200 to open, and a $2k cap on each hand."

Now I'm really not playing. I'm pretty nitty when it comes to gambling to be honest. Yah, I'll fire a thousand on a blackjack table, but that's every once in a while and a completely insignificant amount in relation to my bankroll. This game on the other hand, I could see some serious numbers switching hands. When I left one of the victims was stuck 28k.

You can see where this is going I'm sure. I played. This, however, was after I saw 4 2k stacks go in pre in Omaha Hi and the best hand I saw turned up was AK53 double suited. They were gamboooling so much, which naturally would push the variance higher, but make it way easier to get it in good. I promised that I would play nitty, bought in for 4k, was shipped 7 chips by people who owed me small change, and long story short I quit with $13,900 45 mins later, threw a bill on the table, and said, "Who owes me 10?"

The big pot of the night came in O8 where I opened to $500 with the A345 and a suit, Erick capped it at $2k, Rick called, Chris called, and I obv called. When I saw the hands I was thrilled... between the three other hands there were two aces and one eight. The other 9 cards were 9-K. The flop came good for me, 226, gave me a sweat on the turn with a J, and ship the scoop with the 4 on the river. So, with that hand, I won the biggest cash pot of my life ($8600) in a weird game (O8) at my buddy's house with friends. LOL.

Friday was off day. I ran some more errands, went to see Cracker, Soul Asylum, and Everclear by myself, and went to a house party for the first time in a long time. At one point in the afternoon, I found myself wandering around the bedding section of Bed Bath and Beyond to get bedding for my new bed like the beds at the Wynn. Everything was going smoothly through the fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, and bedskirt. I knew that I needed a comforter, but I was lost. I called Lacey, no answer, so I tried Katie, who apparently is like a Bed Bath and Beyond expert I have since learned, and after she says, "Hey, what's up?" I deliver this gem of a speech:

"Katie, heeeeeellllpp.... I'm a man lost in Bed Bath and Beyond and all I really want to know right now is WHAT THE FUCK IS A DUVET COVER???" Four women circa age 40 look at me with offended shock, realize the situation, and then all four start laughing at me.

Half an hour and $620.50 later I escape, and officially the bedding on my new bed is worth more than four times what I paid for the bed that I have had since my sophomore year of college.

That night at the show Soul Asylum was incredible. Cracker and Everclear, not so much, but it was obviously a good time since it was a concert outside which is like one of my all time favorite things to do. Before the show ended I left to meet Lisa to go to a house party with her. Turns out it was literally walking distance away from my house. We had a couple of beers from the keg, and then Lisa took me back to my house half a mile away. We both had to work in the morning. Poker Radio

I only had to work 75 minutes though. Saturday was another one of those $1500 donkament fests. 2nd hand in i open and lose 1/3 of my stack to the 43 sooted. A guy with 750 decides to stop-n-go my 150 open with the K6o and I couldn't beat that hand.

Perfect! I'm going to the reggae show.

I took off to Reggae in the Desert and spent the afternoon hanging out in the shade listening to awesome music. I took off around sunset, chilled at home for the rest of the night, and am fired up to play in the $10k LHE World Championship tonight at 5pm. Time to break this stupid oh fer nine streak I have going. Gl me...

Father's day is always a little shitty for me. Today makes ten years since I last heard my Dad's voice and that's always a little hard.

Peace and good luck,


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