A Working Weekend
December 4, 2021

 I didn't do much of anything besides play poker and magic this weekend.

Saturday I played the Bellagio $1k, event #2 of the Five Diamond series.  I bluffed off half my stack to an old man, and I knew absolutely 100% what he had.  I thought he could fold it, but I was wrong.  He limped the small blind at 100-200, I raised to 600, he called.  Flop A96r, he checks, I bet 625, he calls.  Turn a 4, he checks, I bet 1625, he calls.  River a 7, he's sitting in the ten seat and says, "Check."  Dealer looks at me in the one seat, says, "Check."  The old man rolls his hand face up.  Ace ten.  I bet 4k, he says, "Call."  I throw my x high into the muck.

I busted to him about an hour later when he called the 578 flop, 9 turn, and my shove on the T river with J9.  I had 56.  Oh well.  I went home, fired up a cash game, and sat there for ten hours playing cash and magic online.  I've gotten re-hooked on that game.

Sunday was, well, another Sunday.  I final table bubbled the FTP $75k, took 12th in the UB Pro Bounty $1rebuy for $58 bucks, and sucked at everything else.

Today was Monday, I played another Bellagio $1k, bluffed it all off again, and lost again.  This time though I got it in (kinda) good.  An active old dude opened UTG at 100-200/25 to 600.  An eastern European calls, and I call in the big blind with 22 and about 10k.  Flop AT8r, I check, old dude bets 625, Euro calls, I make it 2500.  Old man can't be strong due to bet size, and Euro isn't strong due to a tell and the clues in the hand so far.  Old man folds, Euro calls, I still feel like he's ace rag at best.  Turn's a brick but 2nd club, I shove 6800, everybody goes on break, and he calls after about 90 seconds with QcJc, and I lose on the 7c river.

So now I'm home, ran to Petco and Wal Mart today, turns out that the one over here doesn't make me sign stupid forms saying that I'm going to care for and nurture the mouse that I'm about to feed to a Ball Python.  Going on like three or four in a row.

Lotsa poker in the next few weeks.

Peace and good luck,



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