I Think I Met the Spraycan Prophet
December 7, 2021

Tuesday was the $1500 O8 tourney at Bellagio.  I never had a chance.  I hope that Frank Kassella won since Justin Young and I drafted him for the win.

Wednesday I played the $1k at the Bellagio, busted with queens pre-flop vs. one spazzy old dude and Tom McEvoy.  I opened to 500, spaz with 6k makes it 2500, Tom with 7k flats, I have 8k and queens.  I don't think they're folding and go all-in anyways, spaz has 88 and Tom has AA.  He tarped me and I fell for it.  Turns out though that the good news was that I made it home in time to play online, and ended up chopping the UB $1k with the chip lead for $30,800.  I was three handed with Sheets and Augie so it was kinda a no brainer.  Augie and I are like whatever Sheets you do the math we accept the fair ICM deal.

Thursday Shelley and I went to pick up Ryan Schmidt and his roomie Joe to head down to the Goldstrike Hot Springs.  The first time I went there it was an awesome experience and I was stoked to head back.  Things had changed a bit; of the upper two pools one was empty and the other was not cold.  So we continued hiking down to the first waterfall pool, and there was only one dude there, so we hopped in.  It turns out that this was the pool with the underwater tunnel that you swim through to get into the cave.  It was awesome.  Go underwater, about two feet.  Swim forward through narrow opening, a little wider than shoulder width at its narrowest, and travel about eight feet.  When the walls open up, pop up, and you're in a sauna cave.  The water was warmer and trickling out of the wall.  It sounded like a small inside waterfall Homedics type thing.

While hanging out we met some awesome old dudes.  One who flew past us on the way down was in the pool and cool as hell.  Another dude showed up later, and he was very clearly one of the caretakers if not THE caretaker of the place.  He disappeared underwater and swam through a second tunnel to the right of the first one.  Nobody knew that one was there.  Ryan came back into the main pool from the cave, and I said, "There's a man in that rock."  Ryan looked at me funny, and then he popped out of the water behind Ryan.  He decided that he needed to give it a go, and disappeared underwater.  The thing with the first cave though is that there's a thin crevasse that goes all the way back, so you can see daylight, hear people in the main pool, and have access to air (kinda) if you don't make it all the way through on your first swim.  This second tunnel was pure rock.  Ryan didn't say anything when he got to the other side.  I was scared for a little bit.

We hiked out at dusk, went to get pizza in downtown Boulder City, and had an excellent day.

Peace and good luck,




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