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December 11, 2021

 Friday was a $500 NLHE event at the Bellagio.  I made a valiant effort but couldn't keep up with the structure and lost two huge flips.  I went home, picked up Shelley, and we drove down to the new casino "M" on the south side of town to meet Eric Baldwin, Justin Young, Cody Slabaugh, and the womens.  

I'd never been there before and was quite impressed all the way around.  We shot some dice, the dealers were funny and friendly, cocktail service was prompt, friendly, and they got you whatever you wanted.  We had dinner at the steakhouse there, ran up a thousand dollar bill between eight of us, which the M took care of due to some of our degenerate gambling habits.  After that Baldy pussed out so six of us headed up to Half Shell for a couple more drinks.  Jared and I renewed our "Will it snow in Vegas?" bet.  We flipped for choice, I won, and chose the do for $100.  We called it a night early though since we were all playing the Bellagio $1k rebuy the next day.

The good news with that one is that I only got in for $4k.  A Binger and a Fish were in for $12k each.  I got sweet pictures for caller ID, their smiling mugs holding up the buy-in receipts with REBUY REBUY REBUY REBUY stamped all over them.  Good thing the receipt had two sides.  The bad news is that Justin, said Binger, and myself all took somewhere between 19th and 24th place with the money at 18.  Sigh.  

Sunday was another Sunday; I made several deep runs, but unfortunately they all ended in the 2nd from last table, not the final table.  7th in the Ultimate Bet $500 6max, 12th in the Stars $200r, and something like that in the FTP $75k.  I wasn't happy with the way I played at the end and have decided to take today off as a result.  My car that my ex roomie crashed into a wall has been acting up still so I took that in.  It's been raining all day and there's snow in the forecast, so I texted this to Jared today:  "I'll go ahead and double that snow bet."  We use a doubling cube in all of our prop bets and it's an insanely fun twist to long term prop betting.  The doubling cube functions like this:  it's available to anybody initially.  If Jared accepts the cube, he holds it and the stakes are doubled.  If he declines, then he must surrender for the agreed upon stakes.  However, now that I've passed him the cube, he holds exclusive control.  So say February rolls around and it's 80 degrees again, he can re-double on me, at which point I would have to surrender for $200 or make it a $400 bet.  

I currently hold the cube for "providing proof that a condom machine somewhere accepts $1 bills" by March 7th, 2012 and he holds the cube for "a commercially produced razor blade with ten blades" by the same date.  Both were $500 bets originally.  He claims that he's found the condom machine, but I feel pretty good about them not coming out with the Shick de Diez anytime soon.  

Peace and good luck,



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