More Bellagio Prelims, More Disappointment
December 15, 2021

Good news:  due to my UB deal I'll be blogging 8x per month now.

Bad news:  It has to go up there ( first before I can republish it here.  

Carry on.

 Ugh... I did it again.  I entered a big(ish) buy-in tournament, and finished within one table of the money.  This time it was the $1500 NLHE Bellagio event, and this time I went into the final stages with a very healthy pile of chips.  But, this time, I ran into the top of their range every time.   Immediately upon coming back from a break, the UTG player with 7 bb's total, 21k at 1500-3000/400 opened to 9k, I min re-raised to 15k with TT, everybody folded, and he (hopefully) obviously shoved.  Anyways, it was an easy fist-pump/give the neighbor a high five call, but I ran into aces.  Sigh.  Well, must be nice sir, but at least you had seven big blinds.. So I lose that hand, fold ever other one until my big blind, and everybody folds to the small blind.  He goes all-in for eight big blinds, I give the cat a high five (but not really because it was live, but if I had somebody to give a high five to I would have), say call as fast as possible, run into KQo, and lose to AKs.  Sigh how the f does he have that?!?  Then a dude shoves eight big blinds, I call in the big with A9s, lose to AJs, then we kick up the limits again, this time I have 13 big blinds, a dude opens, I shove 88 on the button, Alan Berry reshoves the SB with aces, but it didn't matter cause the other dude had QQ.  Sigh.

So, I busto 24th, money at 18, and have another frustrating live tournament.  It's pretty brutal playing for thirteen hours and then going home disappointed.

Had a fun night last night.  Shelley and I double dated with Jeremy Joseph and Krystal Seiling.  We had an awesome dinner at Capo's and then went to see Eric Church and Dierks Bentley.  It was an awesome show.

I also purchased the Motorola Droid yesterday.  It's pretty amazing.  So far so good that's for sure.

$15k WPT main on Monday, online Sunday, and there's a small chance that I'll play the $5k on Saturday depending on field size.

Peace and good luck,



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