Bellagio's Doyle Brunson WPT Five Diamond $15k Main, Day One
December 19, 2021

 Today I was catching up on some pokerroad shows and listened to the Matt Stout show from the Alfonse Lago Series in October.  He talked about how with all the information out there on the intertubes he is careful about the information he gives away and puts in his time to collect what others have let slip.  For example, every single hand of poker ever broadcast on TV can be found somewhere, usually on  If somebody hasn't played on TV, they've probably posted on a forum, or blog somewhere, or in some manner giving off insight to how they think about the game of unlimited Texas hold'them.  We're passing up EV by not doing out homework.

I always do my homework for day 2's and what not when I know the table assignments.  I have a pretty thick file folder now of 8.5"x11" white pieces of paper that I drew a table diagram the night before, wrote chip counts, and noted information I got from their live results, much like OPRing somebody online.  I would then take notes during or post play and then stash the paper.

Couple problems.  I'm not taking advantage of all the information out there.  And I'm not doing it diligently enough.

There is a metric shit ton of variance in tournament poker.  It's pretty easy to surrender to variance and rely on making the best decisions when presented with them.  There were many days that I spent my hour the night before looking up people for the next day only to have it all not matter ever.  Hell, it usually never matters.  That's why variance is such a mother father because you usually can't do a gosh darn thing about it.  And it fucking pisses you off.

It's way awesomer playing video games or going to the bar or whatever than doing your homework and getting enough sleep for the next day.  And after a time or two of your homework proving fruitless, it becomes really easy to just say, "Screw it."

Tim West has inspired me to lose weight, and Matt Stout has inspired me to do my homework more often and more better.  Both those men will always inspire me to have a banana, so I'm going to do two of those three things right now.

Peace and good luck,



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