Chasing Snow, Days 1-2
January 8, 2022

 Sunday night after completing my run bad, Shelley and I hit the road headed for Colorado.  For Christmas she got a new snowboard and all the stuff to go with it, so may as well go try it out, right?  The idea is to spend at least two weeks here in Colorado, chasing snow from mountain town to mountain town until the UBOC that starts Jan 20th.  There's a strong chance that we stay here in CO for that too, and hell maybe we'll stick around after.  Maybe we'll never leave.  I miss it here so much, and am thoroughly stoked to be sitting at 8500 feet right now.

We made it to Salina, UT day one, woke up early (10am), hit the road, and made it to Telluride around 4pm.  We checked in, got to our room, carried stuff across snow, and were all ready to walk into town for beer and food when I realized I was missing my wallet.  ID, $1k cash, plastic... it must be in the truck.  It's not in the truck.  Must've left it on the desk when I checked in.  Walk there since the town's so small.  They don't have it.  Shit.  Bad.  Bad.  Walk back, search truck again, find it.  PHEW.

We then return to our previously scheduled intoxication, heading to "The Brown Dog,"  the check in lady's answer to "Where do the people who live here go?"  It was great.  I had many 90 Shillings, Shelley drank PBR, we watched Boise State beat the Horned Frogs, and she had a great first Colorado experience.  I think she might be hooked.

Woke up at 7:30 this morning, gonna eat, then hit the slopes.

Peace and good luck,



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