Weird title, I know, but I was driving and thinking about all the times I’ve been mean to my mother and wish I could take back some of the things I’ve done and said to her…

I’m extremely lucky. Not because I run goot in life (yeah that too), but because I had the coolest father in the world and the most loving, caring mother you can ask for. I never in my life ever questioned even for a second, if my mother loved me or not. I always knew and felt it.

So I was driving recently and just thinking back on various times I’ve had with her, both good and bad… the good: Mrs. Doubtfire! She loved that movie, she’d cry even.

If you haven’t seen it, the plot line is something like- Robin Williams gets a divorce and can’t see the kids, so dresses up as an old lady so that he could be the new nanny, just so that he could spend time with his kids. That movie really touched my mother, and I think the reason for that is because she couldn’t imagine being without her kids.

I also thought about the bad times. As a teenager I wasn’t exactly a good boy and I’d sometimes say mean things that would make her cry. When you are a kid you don’t realize the damage you are doing to your mother, but when you get older ooooh how you wish you could take back the things you may have said or done.

One of the thing that puzzles me, probably just because I can’t really relate, is when I see friends of mine who don’t really have a close relationship with their mother. I just don’t really get it I guess. You only get one, and she probably loves you more than anyone else in the world. Why wouldn’t you want to be close to that? Yeah, not all mothers are sane or normal, but still man, it’s your mother.

Don’t be mean to your mother. It hurts her more than you know. If you are mean, or do say something hurtful, make sure you apologize right away. Don’t hurt her feelings, because unless you are a sociopath, you’ll be the one who ultimately hurts when she’s gone and you didn’t make things right.

Know that even if your mother seems irrational in her wishes for you, her goals and intentions are ALWAYS good. She wants what’s best for you. She might meddle, or think she knows when she doesn’t, but don’t focus on that, instead focus on the fact that she genuinely cares about you.

Call your mother… OFTEN! Before my mother had the stroke, we spoke everyday. They weren’t necessarily in depth conversations, just a simple, “What are you doing today?” is enough. I think it’s really important to be close to your mother, and your father too obviously, and I see way to many people ignore that important bond.

You should appreciate your parents while they are here, because I can guarantee you, that when they are gone the first thing that will come to your mind is, “I should have spent more time with her.”

**************************************************************************Random observation: Now, I might be alone here, but why do I read blogs that annoy the crap out of me? I swear, there is one guy who writes a blog that is often so annoying to me that I wanna pull my hair out, but yet, I still read the stupid thing! Why do we do that? You might be thinking that as you read mine, lol.


I was turning the corner with my golf swing, but lost a bit of my mojo after playing a round or two without Christian. Whaddyaknow, he’s not there, and I start coming over the top again. Ugh. Taking a break today from real golf, and instead watching golf on TV as well as playing my Golden Tee.

Speaking of Golden Tee, anyone know of a good Golden Tee instructor? I have a big money match lined up and would like some help with some of the finer points of the game. I know that might sound REALLY silly, but that game is crazy fun!

************************************************************************* My hair is an absolute mess right now. I don’t remember the last time I got a hair cut and it looks really nasty at the moment. While I was in LA, wearing my PokerStars hat everyday, I decided to buzz the sides a bit to clean it up a bit. All good on the left side, but OOPS!!! The right side has a Brian Balsworth like line on it. Not pretty, but whatever.

Karaoke. Me and my friends are like the biggest nerds ever. We often go to a Korean karaoke place on Spring Mountain, get some drinks, and sing random songs. All of us are awful, but I do OK with the Eminem stuff. Stan is an easy song to sing and I really like the story. These guys have been my friends since I was a teenager, and I feel totally comfortable around them. We play all kinds of dumb games.

Oh wait I almost forgot! We often play this game with Sam and “John Smith.” Sam is Thai and John is Korean and both have issues with English. So we often play “Who can say this” then we come up with a tough word for them to say like “Photosynthesis” or “Parallelogram.”
So the other night we tried a new twist.

Tyson’s girlfriend Jieun comes up with a Korean word and then me and Ted the Idiot have to repeat. It should be important to note here, that we are doing Korean words… and Ted is Korean!!! No matter, I absolutely destroyed him on every word, in his OWN language, lol. Yes, I am proud of myself ūüôā

It’s a really fun game. Eventually I did Romanian words for them, starting with Mults an tre as ca (my Romanian spelling is awful, doubt that’s right) which is like the Happy Birthday song. We were all drunk, and it was really funny cause by the end of the night “Party John Smith” was singing the Romanian birthday song. LOL, you had to be there I guess.


I was very happy with my result at the WPT Legends. I got deep, down to about 50 left, without ever being above average in chips. I had good patience and I’m excited to see how EPT Barcelona goes next week.

The plan is to go to Barcelona, then if I bust come home for our Fantasy Football draft which is going to be televised this year. On the 11th I’ll also be taking a shot at the WCOFF (World Championship of Fantasy Football) at the MGM. I’ve also got my fantasy hockey team to start managing, so I’ll be busy with tons of unproductive stuff. Love it!