DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “Enjoy the little things, for some day you may look back and realize they were the big thing”
March 2, 2022

If you want something to get your attention early in the morning, try getting a call from your dermatologist saying “Come back in, we’ve found a melanoma on your left arm.” After what I went though 48 years ago with a melanoma, I was instantly awake and calling M.D. Anderson cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. It took 4 days to get my appointment with the head of the melanoma department but I never considered going anywhere else.

After arriving in Houston I drove to the medical center to see if things were as remembered it. I was astounded to see blocks and blocks of medical buildings and the hospital I had my first surgery in 48 years ago was completely gone. I was glad because I remember thinking that building had looked like a giant headstone in a graveyard.

After two days of ultrasounds tests, blood work, x rays, etc I went into surgery that lasted three hours. I have an eight inch scar where they excised flesh. I’m afraid Cameron Diaz won’t make anymore movies with me now. The doctors also took three lymph nodes under my left armpit to determine if the cancer had spread. The doctors confirmed they had removed all of the cancer from my arm but it would take a week to get the biopsy report on the lymph nodes. So, I decided to be optimistic and come back to Vegas after one day rest. I feel reasonable well but awaiting the test results is pretty stressful.

There were thousands of cancer patients in the M.D Anderson Medical Center. I was struck by the attitude and obvious determination of the patients. Even in the more severe cases you could see the resolve to beat this deadly disease. Something like this helps get your priorities straight. Someone caught a two outer at the river against you? Big deal, just be thankful if you have your health.

One pretty neat thing happened in my first examination. A doctor came into the room laughing and said “you came into this hospital almost 50 years ago and had a life expectancy of 3-6 months!” He showed me an old chart from 1962 that said Mr. Brunson’s cancer had disappeared with no explanation. It was a “spontaneous remission”  which we have only seen a few times. That brought back lots of old memories and thank God my “spontaneous remission” happened.

Whoopee! I just got the call from the hospital that the surgery had removed all the cancer from my arm and it hadn’t spread. They said come back in 6 months for a check-up which I’ll certainly do. I ducked one more bullet and I’m grateful again.

Now I have to arrange my poker schedule. I was supposed to play in Poker Stars Big Game but I certainly wasn’t up to it. Now, I am supposed to play the NBC Heads Up Championship the 4th of next month. If I don’t feel good, I’m going to pass on that one also. Winning bracelets and poker tournaments aren’t as important to me as they were a few weeks ago.
Thank you God!


DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “Courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “ I will try again tomorrow”
February 7, 2022

If you remember that bet I had with Mack Rawden. A newsletter publisher, the bet was settled to this week. Mack published a most likely to die in 2010 list and I was on his list. I called him, laid him 10-1 for a $1,000 I would make it to 2011. Obviously, I won the bet and he sent a check to Jen Harman’s no Kill animal shelter. Thanks Mack, I’m glad I won.

I’ve heard of identity theft and I do not know if this qualifies but someone got my account number at my bank. They proceeded to write 135 checks in a little over a month for thousands of dollars. Pretty scary stuff, my private banker  said that was the most fraud he had even seen on one account, You should never keep very much money in your checking account.

When I came back from Costa Rica last week I noticed my passport was about to expire, I called the number in Los Angeles and the lady told me I had to absolutely come to L.A to renew it. I thought that was strange so I went to the internet and found a site that will renew it by mail. I don’t know why the woman told me I had to come to LA but I suppose I should try to contact her supervisor. That is a brutal mistake to make.

I didn’t realize that my saying I might move to CA because there was more poker there would cause so much talk. My move was pure speculation and probably won’t happen, I was just thinking. My life has been full of poker for over 50 years and I still enjoy the competition. I don’t feel like sitting in a rocker out by the pool waiting for the Grim Reaper to come knock on my door. It seems to me that when people completely retire they die much quicker than someone who still has goals and interest in life. I’m planning on winning more bracelets in the WSOP and perhaps winning a few more tournaments besides that. I know, I’m at least going to keep trying.

The Billy Walters segment about gambling on 60 Minutes is getting a lot of press. I watched it and laughed all the way though it, Billy lived 4 doors down from me and was Chip Reese’s next door neighbor on the Las Vegas Country Club in the early 80’s. The segment was very good and made Billy look very rich and successful, which he is today. But back in the 80’s times were tough for all gamblers and Billy was no exception. 60 Minutes talked about the good times and didn’t mention the bad, I’ll never forget when the police raided his house, put his sweet wife Susan in handcuffs and leg irons, and took them both to jail. I’ve got to give Billy credit he took sport betting to another level and left the tough times behind him.

I read on the internet about a bunch of youngsters that stole a vase with the ashes of a dead man inside. They took the vase to a nightclub and snorted the ashes as if it was cocaine. That may be the sickest thing I have ever heard.


DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “When we have done our best, we can await the results in peace”
January 19, 2022

Finally got back from Costa Rica a few days ago. Every time I visit that country, I am more and more impressed. Just the sheer beauty is enough to make the trip worthwhile but the more modern parts make it even better. The shops are nice and the food is on a par with most major cities. Factor in the beach is a short distance from San Jose and the fishing is terrific makes it a good destination.

Las Vegas is becoming more and more a not very desirable place for a poker pro to live. There are simply isn’t very many high limit games anywhere. What’s with the economy, the world wide tournaments, and the internet poker, the outlook for live cash games are bleak. Poker is on the verge of making a very significant change and in my opinion very bad change.

I’m considering moving to California; at least there are a few mid level games that are played regularly.  I am glad the college bowl games are over. This is the 1st year in a long time where the favorite covered the spread. I guess the line makers finally figured out that the underdogs had been winning the side for a long time, now maybe the guys that make the numbers will notice that a big percentage of the N.F.L games are going over the projected total points scored each game.

I made a very large bet on who would win the Super Bowl; I had Indy, New Orleans and New England. My opponent had N.Y Giants, Pitt and N.Y Jets.  I really liked my bet and they the Saints and Colts both got  knocked out in the 1st round and now the Jets are leading the Pats as I write this. Gulp!

I’ve had lots of personal problems the last couple of months and I hope 2011 is going to change things. I’m still in the process of making my New year resolutions. Anyway a belated Happy New year to Everyone.


DOYLEISM OF THE DAY:“Nobody’s perfect, but if you aim for perfect, it will usually end up pretty good”
December 11, 2021

The WPT tournament is over with Antonio Esfandiari coming out on top. He played well the entire tournament and is a worthy champion. I made it to the last two tables but was completely card dead the last day. Oh well, I played harder than I have in a long time.

I got a nice compliment on the Brunson 10 from Jeff Schulman from Card Player. We were in valet picking our cars after the second day and he asked “where did you get those kids? They are really good.”  I’ve got to agree with Jeff, they are all great players and on top of that they are great guys. They have totally impressed me!

After I busted out of the Tournament I went to the cash games in  Bobby’s Room and played 11 more hours. The dealer asked me how and why do I still play like that. The answer is simply, I love poker and I hope to play until I pass on. I try to slow down and can’t seems like I have just one speed, fast forwards.

The internet poker bill is getting lots of attention. After the Las Vegas Sun reported Harry Reid told them the bill was dead, it has resurfaced and is going to be voted on shortly. A big sticky point is the 15 month ban on anyone who takes U.S. players won’t be granted a license. We will have to wait and see but at least it raises awareness of the possibility of regulated internet poker.


DOYLEISM OF THE DAY:“Live as if you were going to die tomorrow, learn as if you were going to live forever”
December 1, 2021

It is hard to get back in the swing of thing after the death of my only sister, Lavada Hale. Lavada was 79 years old and had lost her eyesight due to glaucoma and related eye diseases. She couldn’t stand the thought of living out her years in a world of darkness so she took her own life. She was such a strong person all her life and I never dreamed she was so depressed she could commit suicide. It was a tough time for our family but we are a tough family and I was proud of everybody the way they handled this tragedy. Thanks to everyone for their calls, tweets and prayers. RIP Lavada.

Pam, Todd and Anjela and myself were in Punta Cana when we got the news. We were having a great time in a great resort. What a big place, over 130 acres of 2,800 rooms, 13 swimming pools, eight restaurants and 10 or 12 bars. It was an all inclusive resort and there were lots of poker players there including Hoyt Corkins and five members of the Brunson 10. The tournament had 200 entries and should be a major tournament next year.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’m glad it’s over. I always overeat and feel miserable. The family was together and that was good because we are still hurting and it was nice to have everyone’s support. Every Thanksgiving I remember what Benny Binion used to say “I’m thankful Chili’s a dime a bowl and I love Chili.”

The Doyle Brunson WPT Poker event is starting at the Bellagio and I guess I’ll start playing poker this next week. It seems I feel better when I stay busy so I’ll give it my best shot.

I keep hearing that internet poker is the favorite to get legalization this year. If so, the government has lots of work to do on regulations, etc but I feel it would be a good move. Lots of taxes for a hurting USA.


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