Poker Cash Game Lull
February 19, 2022

DOYLISM OF THE DAY: "The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth."

During this poker cash game lull, I am on this race for President like stupid is on Britney Spears. I have come to the conclusion that poker players have to support Obama. We can't possibly let McCain be our President because he supports most of George W. Bush's views. Hillary has lots of experience but I don't think she is ready to lead our nation. Imagine her trying to talk to the leaders of the Islamic world? I wish we could have her husband back, but we can't. Jennifer Harman and I have emailed Obama and asked what his position is on internet gaming. Hopefully we will get a response from his camp.

I've just watched the fastest game I've seen on the internet on DoylesRoom. Two guys were playing no limit holdem with a two hundred/four hundred blind. They were really gambling and I joined them. When they recognized my screen name TEX_DOLLY, they asked if I would let them play because they were amateurs. I said sure, and left them alone but kept watching. They really were amateurs and both players were making awful plays. There aren't many pro players on DoylesRoom and we probably have the softest online poker games around. There was an unraised pot and both players put in over $20,000. Both had the second pair with bad kickers. Where are these kinds of players when I am playing?

It's almost time to head out to the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles for the WPT tournament. I can't wait because I really miss the action. I think high stakes poker is what keeps me going. At my age, I need to be motivated. After that is the NBC Heads-Up Tournament. That is always one of the more enjoyable tournaments. I only wish they would slow the antes and blinds down a little where there would be a little more skill involved. Oh well, I know they have to get these tournaments over in a reasonable time.


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