"There are things you can do in an instant...
February 4, 2022

that will give you heartache for life."


I've done a lot of traveling in the last few years and have always prided myself that it doesn't have very much negative impact on me. But this last trip to London for five days and back has knocked me to my knees. Talk about jet lag!  I've literally been in bed over half the time for the past six days. I feel like a truck has run over me. I've got all sorts of meetings the next few days so hopefully I'll feel better soon. And I really look forward to the Super Bowl party every year with my friends. This will be an enjoyable event this year as I made a 100k bet on picking the winner of the championship game. I took the Colts and my opponent took the Patriots. I think I'll bet 50k on the Saints +4 1/2 and lock up a nice win.  If Indy wins by 4 or less, I'll win 150K. Nice position to be in huh?

I don't have much to look forward to after the Super Bowl. The next day I go into a 5 1/2 hour surgery on my teeth and gums. That is going to require a lot of change in my schedule. I'm supposed to play in the Premier League tournament that is being filmed at the M Casino here in Vegas. It is the most widely watched TV show in Europe, with a $100,000 buy in. That would be great exposure for DoylesRoom but there is no way I'll be 100% recovered from all that dental surgery so I'll have to cancel.

Then, there is the WPT event at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. That is one of my favorite tournaments because the side action is always good. Then the Celebrity tournament is right afterwards and is a fun time. I've got an invitation to play in a big Poker Stars TV tournament and immediately afterwards is the NBC Heads Up Championship. I'll have to bow out of all these tournaments because there is no use playing unless you are at your best. The competition has gotten so good you need to feel good physically as well as mentally to have a chance to win.

My gut feeling is just chill out until the WSOP and try to have a big series. Could it be my age is finally catching up to me?


@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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