DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “The doors we open and close each day determine the lives we live.”
April 30, 2022

Congrats to David Williams for his win in the WPT Championship Tournament. Despite all of the criticism about the structure of the tournament, the final table was one of the strongest in years. The slow paced games and short hours seem to reward the better players. I was pulling for my pal Billy Baxter and I was excited when he was chip leader at the final table. Bad beats took over and Billy finished 5th. Still, that’s pretty good hold’em playing by a guy that has seven WSOP bracelets, all in lowball.

CA Athletic Directors Convention 2010

I had to miss the Bellagio tournament because I had to go to Reno. The California High School Athletic Directors were having their annual convention and I had agreed to speak over a year ago. Someday maybe I’ll learn to check dates before making commitments. I had a great time and met several hundred nice people. The directors surprised me with a poker tournament when I arrived, with a dozen or so Athletic Directors wearing DoylesRoom caps. Most of them had never played but we had fun. The sad part of this was that lots of these teachers, coaches, and directors didn’t know if they would have jobs next year. The bad economy has probably hit California and Nevada harder than any other states. California is bankrupt and really in trouble with no relief in sight.

Time is fast winding down on the 2010 WSOP. I’m going to play in the PokerStars cash game next week, then do my best to chill out until the series starts. I can’t make up my mind if I want to play a few selected events or make an all out run trying to win another bracelet. I feel pretty good so I may just go for it.

I’m going to Costa Rica this weekend. There may be some big news about DoylesRoom. I always enjoy going to CR because the scenery is great and the food is good. I’m also looking forward to seeing some rain. As hard as I try to slow down, it seems the only speed I have is full ahead.

It seems everybody these days are political experts and like to talk about it, so here is my two cents about the economy. We are so far in debt that most countries, including China who we owe the most money, correctly think we may never be able to pay everybody. I know everyone says America is the greatest country but we may have crossed the line this time. As long as other countries can manufacture cars, appliances and other items cheaper than we can, there will never be enough jobs for Americans. Our government could put a huge import tax on everything to make prices equal. If our country is so great, let’s support ourselves instead of depending on other nations. The oil would be a problem, but we could be independent there also in 10 years if we would listen to T. Boone Pickens. I understand the ramifications of a huge import tax, but if it comes down to America becoming a 3rd world country, I for one would be willing to do whatever is necessary. We have defeated most of the countries in wars but if another broke out tomorrow, who are our allies? Same as always, Britain, Canada, Australia, Israel and a few of the smaller countries. I just don’t believe very many Americans realize the downward spiral our nation is in. I’m in favor of helping our own nation while we can and stop trying to police the entire world. And yes, I like the things Arizona is doing despite Federal opposition. If I wasn’t so old, I would run for public office.


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