DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “If you want a place in the sun, you have to put up with a few blisters.”
May 17, 2022

After my fifteen game winning streak on TV cash games was broken on Friday the 13th (shudder), I’ve been getting lots of calls and e-mails about it. I don’t watch that stuff much. Why? Do cab drivers go for rides on their day off? Anyway, I was very surprised there was that much interest in my winning streak. I’ve been criticized over and over in the forums for playing too conservatively but in today’s environment, that is the correct way.

In my last blog I referred to an animal called a Kit Fox. This Kit Fox is catching and eating our neighborhood feral cats. I wasn’t sure what it was so I googled it and sure enough, it is a desert nocturnal animal that eats smaller animals. Some of these feral male cats are really big so the fox probably preys on the young cats. If it wasn’t against the law, (not that it bothers me much) I’d hide in the brush with my shotgun and kill the Kit Fox because I get attached to the cats, even to the point of putting food out for them.

DoylesRoom is sponsoring a beer pong contest at Hogs and Heifers downtown. Lara Miller, our publicist, arranged it and it should be a blast. It is the 26th of this month at 2:00 and will have a true bar-b-que. ESPN is coming to film it in conjunction with the WSOP. We had it last year and my son Todd won it with his partner. Hoyt Corkins and myself were runner-ups. It’s open to everyone so come down and join us.

In response to the comments about me talking about the bad poker shows, I didn’t mean the cash games. I’ve never seen a really bad cash game TV show and I believe the viewing public wants to see real players playing for real cash. And yes, almost all of the guys are playing their own money. DoylesRoom is toying with having a huge cash game with a few different twists. It will be on network TV and will be an interesting show. I was asked to be on the Golf Channel featuring “old time gamblers”, Jack Binion, Bobby Baldwin, Dewey Tomko, Billy Walters, Mike Sexton and myself will be at a luncheon/golf tournament next week. The trouble is I haven’t touched a club in two years and I couldn’t play worth a flip then because of my bad leg. I don’t think I want to perform in front of 180 million viewers with my swing. However, I’ll be happy to do interviews about the old days and talk about today’s economy in Vegas.

I was also invited to be a “celebrity chef” on a food program that airs on Fox this summer. It sounds like fun and I’ll probably do it. I’ve cooked on a grill a lot and my lamb chops are out of sight. Lemon, pepper and liquid smoke are the secret. I’ll fix my (and Paula Dean’s) squash casserole to go with it. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Damn! Just when I was feeling good and had decided to make a full blown run trying to win a bracelet at the WSOP, all of a sudden I feel lethargic with no energy whatsoever. Hopefully it’s what I call the “Brunson Blues”. When I don’t have something to gamble on, I start feeling bad. It’s hard to call yourself a degenerate gambler but I guess that’s what I am. I’ve had 57 years of almost non stop gambling and I need that adrenaline rush. Eli Elezra has been in Israel and he is the only one that will help me start real poker games. Playing on the internet isn’t the same and the NBA playoffs are winding down. Oh well, maybe the WSOP will pick me up when it starts at the end of this month.


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