"Bravery is being the only one who knows you are afraid."
April 9, 2022

I read where a poker player named Jason Potter cashed out his $30,000 in winnings from the Aussie Millions in Melbourne. He left the casino and was robbed at knifepoint a few blocks away. Jason suspected the thieves had watched him in the casino and followed him out as he headed back to his hotel. Thankfully, he wasn't harmed.

I have been robbed at gunpoint five times in my life, including a home invasion at the Las Vegas Country Club. I've had pistols, even a shotgun, pointed up against my head and it is not a pleasant thing. I'm not saying I wasn't scared but it wasn't as bad as one night in Houston, Texas when a guy came up behind me and put a knife to my throat. I thought my legs would collapse and it was the scariest thing that ever happened. Something about getting your throat cut seems worse than taking a bullet.

This should be a lesson for all of us poker players. Leave your money in the casino - either in a lock box or put it on deposit. In the old days we didn't have that option out on the road, but in today's environment it is silly to take a chance and carry a lot of money in your pocket. For Pete's sake, 7/11 stores get robbed at gunpoint for less than $100. Imagine the chance some of those desperate guys would take if they knew someone had thousands on them.

I'll give you some good advice...if it happens to you, give them your money. You can win some more money but you only have one life. Also, pray that the robbers are professionals instead of some doped up kid because the pro won't hurt you unless he has to.

Over the years in Vegas I've caught guys following me out of casinos three different times. I'm always alert to watching suspicious things after all my years on the road where it was dangerous all the time. Each time I doubled back on the person following me and confronted him. Real smart, huh? Luckily, each time the person ran away. Don't do that! Look for security to help you. I just happen to be a hard-headed Texan who sometimes doesn't stop and think.

With the WSOP approaching, and some many people playing live events all over the world, remember to be careful coming out of those casinos! Lots of bad people hanging around. - DB

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