My blog goes to twelve different publications. It seems most of the readers go to for it. I get a kick out of reading the comments that are posted, not only to my blog, but to the others as well.

So I deliberately set a trap for the guys that regularly post comments and they fell right into it. These guys shouldn’t play any serious poker. I admire the negative posters that sign their real names and I appreciate the positive ones. But the anonymous posters that want to be insulting and name calling really piss me off.

A typical regular negative poster chooses to use the name LeeTheStrikerChagra. Lee Chagra was a brilliant criminal lawyer who never lost a case. He also was the head of the biggest drug cartel in Texas history. So here is my read on this pathetic poster who doesn’t have the balls to let anyone know who he is.

He fancies himself in Lee Chagra’s shoes and I almost guarantee he is an atheist. He is a middle-aged wannabe who is a coward but wants to vent his frustrations by insulting people. He has a hatred of everything and anger is eating him up.

LeeTheStrikerChagra probably struggles to pay his rent and obviously knows nothing about poker because he continuously insults Daniel Negreanu and other poker players.

He called me, “just another stetson wearing obese hick from Texas.” Hmm…well, nothing wrong with that but when he insults my family and predicts me and my son will die within a year, he has crossed the line. I’d like to meet him in a dark alley sometime. I shouldn’t have given him these five minutes in the sun but I’m afraid Cardplayer is going to kick him off.

If you want my real political views, they are simple. Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative, if it’s good for America I’m for it. If that means alienating other countries, so be it. We have to have American products be competitive with all these imports. When we get into position to help the entire world, let’s do it. But until then, let’s try to save ourselves. We are on the brink of disaster and we need to address our problems the best we can.

Here is a honest opinion the “howler monkeys” can take off on. When it comes to national security or saving one American life, I’m all for this. If a terrorist has information we need and he has his testicles tied to a cattle prod and a battery, there are three steps we should follow:

(1) Black is negative

(2) Red is positive

(3) Be sure his balls are wet.