DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “Two important things you can never recover. The word after it’s said and the time after it’s gone.”
June 29, 2021

I’ve now played 6 events at the WSOP. I’ve made day 2 in a few of them, then gone card dead. I’ve played well in 5 of the events, outlasted over 1,000 players, played 10 long days and haven’t cashed yet. Isn’t tournament poker fun? There are only 2 or 3 more tournaments for me and I’ll be glad when the cash games resume.

I wish people would let the “feud” between me and Annette Obrestad go. There is no feud. The only offensive thing she said in her ESPN interview was that cash game players have big egos that get in their way when playing. I guess online players don’t have big egos? The debate about cash and online goes on and on.

I’ve got problems with readers who try to inject racism in people’s remarks.  On Twitter, I mentioned to a black lady who has the same last name as me, that it probably came from slavery days. It wasn’t uncommon for the slaves to take their owners’ last name. What was racist about that? I’ve known three great black athletes named Brunson. I’ve had black friends all my life. I even get along with Phil Ivey as long as we don’t have to use the same bathroom.


@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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