DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “It’s far easier to forgive an enemy after you’ve gotten even with him.”
July 19, 2021

The 2010 WSOP is over finally. At least my part is finished and I’m sweating Johnny Chan and rooting for him. I had a bad series, playing nine events without cashing. I feel I played reasonably good in six of them but played two poorly and one extremely bad. I was on a losing streak going into the World Series of Poker and I’m a complete bottom line guy and don’t believe in making excuses. I do still have a very good memory and I review my play in my mind after every game. While I can see a couple of things that I’ve been doing that are definitely wrong, it seems I’ve been unlucky and am playing well enough that I should be winning. But I’m going to take a little time off, come back to the cash games and re-evaluate my game.

For all the people that have asked about the results of Daniel Negreanu and my bets in the main event, I’ve won two and lost one. It was a lot of fun sweating the tournament and while our bets weren’t 7 figures, they were large enough to be interesting.

All my neighbors were referring to my backyard as Brunson’s Brothel because all the feral cats came to a spot over my waterfall to give birth to their kittens. My family was trapping the kittens and taking them to no-kill shelters and vets for adoption. The daddy of almost all of the kittens was a scoundrel Siamese cat. He is white and has the cutest offspring you can imagine. We tried to adopt two of them but my wife is so allergic we had to give them up. It’s really a shame because they were a lot of fun. I’m putting out cat repellent, which is nothing but pepper, to close down Brunson’s Brothel.

My high school class is having our 60th reunion this fall and I can’t wait to see some of my old friends. The class of 1950 has had a reunion every five years and we have really developed some strong bonds among us. We have lots of success stories from our class, all the way from State Senators, famous lawyers, award winning journalists, and lots of distinguished teachers and educators. I was the black sheep of the class but thank goodness, they finally accept me and my profession. Took a while though.


JonCoyneMr. Brunson, You always have something useful to say. I enjoy and use your advice often. As I'm sure it was for you, it is extremely difficult coming up as a gambler today. I think its the same reasons, a flood of people tryin their hand, looking to make it big quick. And an increasing amount of drug addicts it seems. All that gives a gambler a bad name. I believe most newer players starting out try it for an additional reason as well, LAZINESS. But hey, the higher number of undisciplined and impatient players the better my odds get! I'm a pup at age 31, I've won pretty big and I've lost even more, but Ive logged enough table time to know that sometimes folding even a good hand to go home a little bit earlier is a bigger payoff. 0