It is hard to get back in the swing of thing after the death of my only sister, Lavada Hale. Lavada was 79 years old and had lost her eyesight due to glaucoma and related eye diseases. She couldn’t stand the thought of living out her years in a world of darkness so she took her own life.

She was such a strong person all her life and I never dreamed she was so depressed she could commit suicide. It was a tough time for our family but we are a tough family and I was proud of everybody the way they handled this tragedy. Thanks to everyone for their calls, tweets and prayers. RIP Lavada.

Pam, Todd and Anjela and myself were in Punta Cana when we got the news. We were having a great time in a great resort. What a big place, over 130 acres of 2,800 rooms, 13 swimming pools, eight restaurants and 10 or 12 bars.

It was an all inclusive resort and there were lots of poker players there including Hoyt Corkins and five members of the Brunson 10. The tournament had 200 entries and should be a major tournament next year.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’m glad it’s over. I always overeat and feel miserable. The family was together and that was good because we are still hurting and it was nice to have everyone’s support. Every Thanksgiving I remember what Benny Binion used to say “I’m thankful Chili’s a dime a bowl and I love Chili.”

The Doyle Brunson WPT Poker event is starting at the Bellagio and I guess I’ll start playing poker this next week. It seems I feel better when I stay busy so I’ll give it my best shot.

I keep hearing that internet poker is the favorite to get legalization this year. If so, the government has lots of work to do on regulations, etc but I feel it would be a good move. Lots of taxes for a hurting USA.