DOYLEISM OF THE DAY:“Nobody’s perfect, but if you aim for perfect, it will usually end up pretty good”
December 11, 2021

The WPT tournament is over with Antonio Esfandiari coming out on top. He played well the entire tournament and is a worthy champion. I made it to the last two tables but was completely card dead the last day. Oh well, I played harder than I have in a long time.

I got a nice compliment on the Brunson 10 from Jeff Schulman from Card Player. We were in valet picking our cars after the second day and he asked “where did you get those kids? They are really good.”  I’ve got to agree with Jeff, they are all great players and on top of that they are great guys. They have totally impressed me!

After I busted out of the Tournament I went to the cash games in  Bobby’s Room and played 11 more hours. The dealer asked me how and why do I still play like that. The answer is simply, I love poker and I hope to play until I pass on. I try to slow down and can’t seems like I have just one speed, fast forwards.

The internet poker bill is getting lots of attention. After the Las Vegas Sun reported Harry Reid told them the bill was dead, it has resurfaced and is going to be voted on shortly. A big sticky point is the 15 month ban on anyone who takes U.S. players won’t be granted a license. We will have to wait and see but at least it raises awareness of the possibility of regulated internet poker.


My pal Matt Damon wasn't convincing as a Texas Ranger. Why did they change the ending? Ruined the pic I thought despite good acting by most.

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