"It's too bad my youthful spirit is encased in a...
April 17, 2022

mortal, aging body."

Ok, I've had it! I tried not to address this until I see Patrik Antonius but yesterday was just too much. I did a radio interview with a station in Minnesota and one with a station in New Orleans. Both stations asked me about Patrik's challenge to play me any game. I tried to be non-committal and not to say too much. Then, when I got to my other office, Orla, my Irish friend, sent me a link to where Patrik was in Monte Carlo talking about his challenge. After hearing him talk about it, my blood began to stir a little. Then, when I went to the Bellagio to pay off my NCAA basketball bets I had lost, there was CardPlayer Magazine with another story about it on the cover!

Then! My buddy, Dewey Tomko, who I think will be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame this year, asked me: "Do you think you can beat Patrik?" I answered, "No, Dewey, I have so much money I'm trying to throw some of it away. Of course I think I can beat him!" I know I've got a lot more experience at most of the games I'll choose. If anyone under thirty years of age can let me pick any game at any time I want, I strongly believe I can beat them. If I don't, the Brunson Family has three hundred acres on the top of a mountain at Big Arm, Montana. I'll retire and move up on that mountain and enjoy the wildlife and the sunsets for the rest of my life. Even the television networks are calling, wanting to televise this match. My only problem with that is that the public might not understand some of the games I will keep introducing.

By the way, since Patrik is into making challenges, here is one for him. I read where he has taken up golf. So, I challenge him to play for $100,000 a hole at Bali Hai Golf Club, any time from now until the end of August. Surely a twenty-seven-year-old ex-professional tennis player from Finland can beat a seventy-four-year-old guy with an artificial shoulder and who has to use a crutch to walk. What do you say, Patrik? - DB

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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