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April 24, 2022

Well, I am out of the WPT Championship Event at Bellagio after three days of playing as hard as I could. I feel as if I made only one major mistake - I played a pot with David Sklansky where I had pocket queens against pocket kings. Actually, I won this pot when a queen came on the flop but I should have played the hand differently. I finished around 150th in the tournament. I beat out about 400 players, wasted three days, and it only cost me $25,000. The cash games were plentiful and there was $5 million lost in Bobby's Room where I play. I feel I could have won my share of that money had I not been involved in the tournament. So, should cash game players not play in the tournaments? I leave it to the mathematicians to say if it is right or wrong. I am probably going to play less and less in the smaller tournaments.

Speaking of math, I was on the Poker After Dark TV set and they were having a six person tournament featuring the top poker players that had the reputation of being adept at mathematics. The players were David Sklansky, Jimmy Warren, Bill Chen, Andy Bloch, Chris Ferguson, and Brandon Adams. The TV announcer really put me on the spot when she asked if I would rather play against these intellectual guys or street smart players. I certainly didn't want to offend anyone so I came up with this answer: "I've played against all of these men at the table and they are all great players. In a tournament format, they are as good as anyone, but in a cash game for high stakes I'll take the street guys." When asked, "Why?" I replied... "You have to have a screw loose to play for ultra high stakes and these guys are too logical to risk everything they have on the turn of a card." Pretty good answer, huh? I can't reveal who won but it was a deserving champion.

I went to the golf course was really disappointed. My leg is getting worse and worse and desperately needs an operation but I don't have the time to do it. So please don't call me a welcher, Patrik, but I have to amend my golf challenge. The tees have to be 'where Doyle sez' just like our poker match. I'll have to start up 100 yards or less each hole because I just can't turn on the ball. I have to hit it with my arms but hopefully my putter will bring me in. I am sure Patrik's nerves are much steadier than mine so this will probably suit him. Speaking of Poker....I'm in Bobby's Room every day so if Patrik would like to warm up on some of the games I am going to choose, I am available anytime J - DB

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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