"If you find yourself in a hole...
May 1, 2022

...the first thing to do is stop digging."

Every time I think I am going on a vacation something stops me! I was minding my own business, paying bills and taking care of day-to-day stuff I was behind on. My phone rang and a friend of mine called and said Sammy Farha, Gus Hanson, David Benyamine, and some amateur had been playing in Bobby's Room for 36 hours. I made a mad dash for my car, broke every traffic law getting to the Bellagio, and proceeded to play ten hours and lose over $400,000. That wiped out my eight game winning streak and put me in a bad, bad mood. The games were 2-7 Triple Draw, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Pot Limit Omaha, and I was tortured all night long. Finally, at 12:30 a.m. I just picked my chips up and spent a restless almost sleepless night in my bed. I know a professional poker player has to handle a lot of pressure and things don't usually bother me, but sheer frustration took over in this game. Welcome to my world!

Right before I quit, Patrik Antonius came in and began playing. I didn't know he was in town and I didn't have a chance to talk to him but I know his friends read my blog. Now would be a good time to warm up for our "Doyle Sez" match with a 4-8 thousand game. I'm a hot sucker and ready to play! Maybe I had better drink a glass of wine, go to bed, and cool off. :)

60 Minutes called and wants to interview me on the passing of the UIGEA bill. I hope it doesn't get me into trouble because I am going to speak my piece about it. Will it get me into trouble with the DOJ? Hopefully not. They know everything about everything anyway.

Anyway, my face and name are on a poker site so I'm pretty sure they know me. America needs to know about this bill and this seems like a good platform to get on my soap box. It seems like we are picking up a lot of support on legalizing online poker.

I finalized the plans for my college basketball team reunion. We are going to get together the first part of August at my place in Montana. This is probably the last time we will ever get together because a lot of these friends are older than I am. Any player that played at my University in Texas from 1950 to 1955 is invited. There were 25 guys that we contacted for our last reunion here in Vegas four years ago. Twenty-two of them came and we had a great time. This time, seventeen have committed to come. Three teammates died since then and two of them can't come down because of health problems.

An interesting note...there hasn't been a single divorce from any teammate. That is some record and as I told Louise, "When us Texans make a commitment, we mean it."

As an afterthought, if Gus Hanson and Patrik Antonius stick their heads out of the same window at the same time, would they be arrested for mooning? :) - DB

@BlutoBird... Hey Matt, tell the old folks hello and that they aren't too old to get on twitter.

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