"If you need help, ask God. If you don't, thank God!"
May 2, 2022

In my last blog, I was extremely upset about a big loss in a poker game. Today I got some news that put things back in perspective for me. Forty-six years ago five doctors gave me three months or less to live from melanoma cancer. After going to M.D. Anderson, a wonderful cancer hospital in Houston, Texas, a gray haired doctor named Jay operated on me and after eight hours of surgery, he gave me a clean bill of health, reporting all the cancer had disappeared. They called it a spontaneous remission but I've always suspected that Dr. Jay had something to do with it. I guess The Man upstairs decided it wasn't time for me to go. Whatever it was, I am obviously extremely grateful.

Dr. Jay died this week after dedicating his entire life to public service in a cancer hospital. He was by all accounts a brilliant surgeon and doctor who never made over $80,000 a year. It's pretty humbling when you look at a man like that and then you consider your own life. R.I.P. Dr. Jay.

If you are a western buff, the Western Channel on Direct TV is having a twenty-four hour marathon honoring the TV series Maverick. James Garner played Brett Maverick and was a gambler who made his living playing poker. They have asked me to do an interview about my remembrance of Maverick and use the interview as a promo and between episodes. I am certainly going to do it because that was one of my favorite TV shows. I also have met James Garner when he and I, along with Gus Hansen, were inducted into the "Walk of Fame" at the Commerce Casino. James had some health issues but was a real trooper and gentleman.

Tournament poker has spread everywhere; now it is in Russia. The Russian government has sanctioned a tournament at Zavidova just outside of Moscow. They are adding $150K to the prize pool and it is scheduled for August 15th. They have offered me quite a deal to go play, including meeting the Russian President. Unfortunately, I can not go because of my basketball reunion and I believe Extreme Poker is due to start on the 15th at the Venetian Hotel here in Vegas.

I watched Shannon Elizabeth get kicked off Dancing With The Stars a few nights ago. Dumb judges! I thought she did great and looked great. I hope the poker community supported her. There are some great dancers on that show. I never thought I would watch something like Dancing, but it is pretty cool. I bet Phil Ivey $20K that Kristi, the ice skater, would be the champion. It looks like it is between her and Jason Taylor, the Miami Dolphin's football player. I don't know if Jason can dance or not because I can't take my eyes off his partner. She is the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. Oops! Besides Louise, I mean. :)

Back to the thought that I started this blog with...let us not forget what is really important in life. Remember, with money you can buy a clock - but not time! - DB

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