"It often takes more courage to change your opinion...
May 21, 2022

...than to stick to it."

I haven't read or posted on any forums for several years but when my daughter Pam told me about some of the posts on 2 plus 2, I went to read some of them. It is interesting to read the difference in peoples??? perspective about things.

One of the threads was about my blog and whether I used a ghost writer or not. I write every word and send it to BJ and Trish at DoylesRoom and they send it out to different publications. I started writing this blog as a lark, but after it became the most read thing from DoylesRoom, I decided to keep going. Unless it is some special hand, I don't put a lot of poker strategy in it because there are so many books and articles about how to play specific hands.

Another thread was about players that treat dealers badly. The list included some prominent players and told about the dealers??? dislike of them. I'll write a blog soon about the players I've played with that gave the dealers a hard time. I sure hope I don't make any dealers hate list because I never blame them for any bad luck I might have. If I see a mistake, I might say something but never in an abusive manner. One particular lady dealer at the Bellagio named Penny has dealt me out of millions of dollars. I try my best not to be superstitious but I can't win a pot when she deals. I've been a little mean with her but I hope it was in a good natured way.

I went up on Brunson Mountain today with my grandson, driving these 4 wheelers called Rhinos. Those things will go anywhere and you can't get them stuck. We went up and down some of the steepest hills you can imagine but finally came to one that went straight down. My grandson drove down it and called me a chicken when I refused to try it. I told him the chance of me driving down that hill was the same as Britney Spears being voted mother of the year.

It's pretty country on that mountain with the streams and wildlife, but I'm not sure that I would like retiring there as I promised if Patrik beat me playing "Doyle Sez." Oh well, I don't feel like I'm in too much danger because I don't believe he can beat me. Anyway, I'm still willing and waiting to play.

Someone sent me a longevity test to see how long your life expectancy is. If you reach my age you figure to live until you are 84. After factoring in the answers to the 26 questions about your health, habits and genetics on the test, my life expectancy is 87.4. Good thing us poker players don't have things like stress and money problems huh? Anyway, I've lived 27,310 days and have only 4500 more days left. I've got a few guys I want to beat before I go to that big game in the sky, so I had better get busy.

In two days I'm heading home to Vegas. As excited as I was to get here, I'm equally excited about going home.?? All the towns around here roll up the streets at about 9 o'clock and there is nothing to do except watch TV and sleep. Once you live in Vegas, it's hard to live anywhere else. What can I say, I'm just a junkie, I not only like the poker action, I need it. I remember now why I left the country!
- DB??

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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