When you retire there is only one great event
May 30, 2022

...left in your life, and I'm not ready for that yet!" I visited 2+2 again and read some of the posts in the gossip section. There is a lot of good stuff but it is very time consuming so I won't be a regular reader. I couldn't help but notice the speculation about me and how long I am expected to live. It seems 85 was the under-over betting range. I'm willing to bet a lot of money I live longer than that if anybody really wants to bet on it. On second thought, I better not bet too much or my opponent might send Tony Soprano after me. :)

The Western Channel on DSS is doing a twenty-four hour 'Maverick celebration' based on the TV series about the life and times of a poker playing family with the last name Maverick. The main characters were James Garner as Bret Maverick, Jack Kelley as Bart Maverick, and Roger Moore as Beau Maverick. This series was parallel with my own poker playing as it started in 1956 - my first year as a Pro. It was the first production that showed poker as a respectable profession because most folks looked at professional poker players as second class citizens. I did a lengthy interview about my remembrances of Maverick and the Starz Network is going to use it in promos and between episodes. They also interviewed Hoyt Corkins, Dewey Tomko, Todd Brunson, and Mike Caro along with a few others. I loved watching Maverick and I had no trouble talking about it.

I went to the golf course today and I tried to hit a few practice balls. After hitting thirty shots I had to quit because I was already getting sore. My golf career may be over unless I get my leg fixed soon. Mike Sexton and Dewey Tomko were there but I couldn't make any games because I'm so bad.

It's time for the WSOP and I can't wait to see the changes they made in the tournament. I read Daniel's blog and it sounds like the changes they have made are really good. For someone who says he is a vegan, Daniel was talking about some pretty unhealthy food that is at the WSOP. Pizza, Krispy Kreme, and candy close to the playing area sound tempting.

There are still no games in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio. Online poker has ruined the high limit games. The only time these players leave the internet is when someone they perceive to be a fish shows up. Then there is a mad dash to get a seat. I feel there should be a new set of rules that favors the everyday players over the internet players. -DB

@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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