"Even a stopped clock is right twice a day."
June 13, 2021

I've heard about being the 'bubble boy' but I had never experienced it before. After two days of playing deuce to seven lowball we were down to fifteen players and the last fourteen get paid. I didn't pay much attention to that because I was still trying to win the tournament. The blinds and antes were getting higher and higher so when I picked up a 10-8-2-3-4 pat I went all in and ran into a pat 9 and the hopes of bracelet #11 evaporated. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Today's tournament is $3,000 HORSE but I feel lousy and don't know if I'm going to play or not. This would be a good event for me because of multiple games but I'm not sure I should push myself. I've really played hard in this WSOP and I've gotten deep into every tournament but it is not good to play when you aren't up to it. I've got thirty minutes to decide and even the fact that I am considering playing shows I want that 11th bracelet more than I thought I did.

I notice Erick "E Dog" Lindgren is having a great WSOP so far. That's good for poker because he is one of the more popular players and gives a lot of action, so I'm pulling for him. On the other hand, Phil Ivey is pushing to win a bracelet so hard I think he is playing badly. He bet so much he would win an event, he is playing too many tournaments and playing very fast tying to accumulate chips at an early level. As I've said before, it is hard to win one of those things.

I'm down to twenty minutes to decide if I'm going to play or not. Time is one thing you can't recycle so I'm going to rest for the night. That's a tough thing for me to do because after getting knocked out so late in these tournaments I'm ready to charge a machine gun. I had better get my act together! This isn't like me at all. :(


@EricOosterbeek No, it's just good natured ribbing. He is a cool guy.

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